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Root Crops Stabilize Cholesterol

A new study conducted by the Department of Science and Technology’s Food and Nutrition Research Institute reveals incredible benefit of root crops.

The fiber in root crops such as camote, or sweet potatoes, can send bad cholesterol levels plummeting, according to the study on subjects with moderately high cholesterol.

Root crops like yams and sweet potatoes, aside from being chock full of vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and calcium, are also a great source of dietary fiber…the kind that sweeps away bad cholesterol with every meal in which it’s included.

Cassava and sweet potato were found to be the most effective at lowering bad cholesterol, but a little-known root crop called tugi, found in Asia and the Phillipines, lowered bad cholesterol and raised good cholesterol.

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  1. This is an interesting finding but looks like it is narrow and should be with caution! Yam, cassava, sweet potatoes and many root crops are carbohydrates with varying high level of sugars that can affect carbohydrate metabolism, particularly in Diabetic conditions! This finding made no mention of the effect the root crops will have on this condition which sometimes coexisst with a high cholesterol condition in a person! please help out with more information!

  2. how can a diabetic with high cholesterol take sweet potato?

  3. Are we talking about raw (uncooked) or cooked sweet potato? The one held by the lady in the photograph looks raw.

  4. I have diabetes and find that sweet potatoes don't raise my blood sugar appreciably, unlike white potatoes. Try one and measure your blood sugar two hours later to see how it affects you.

  5. Augustus Dumaligan

    tugi, camote and yam are good common diet.

  6. This is some good news. However, I consume a lot of yam, but still have some high level of bad cholesterol. It is so high that my doctor had to put me on some medication. More information on natural remedies like the one supplied here will be quite helpful, provided they work.

  7. This is good news I grew up eating alot of sweet potatoes and cassava, but now I have been eating less this is because in Europe they are difficult to get! Ohtherwise, I need to resume it. I test my cholesterol level frequently and it’s low!! I need to pass the good news to my Mom. Thanks!

  8. Mohinder Singh Jassal

    so far as I know sweet potato is comparatively safe for diabetics, but refined sugars are very bad for diabetics and it is wise to avoid these.

  9. If this is true then more people need to know about it. As a young kid I ate a lot of both yams and sweet potato and was hardly ill. I stopped and hardly do now because of cholesterol scares. Please write more on this. Well done. Len

  10. Do not be so afraid of cholesterol. The marketing of big pharma has only one target – to make big money. A German professor Hartenbach, Munich, has written a very interesting book “the cholesterol lye”. He states that the total cholesterol level of 200-250 is absolutely normal in about 75% of the population. In the rest a level even up to 300 can be normal. The claim of big pharma that the total cholesterol level should be below 160 is one of the biggest scams in medical history. This level indicates a deficiency which can lead to development of cancer. Cholesterol is an important substance in the formation of new cells and humans form Millions of new cells every day. A cholesterol deficiency leads to formation of not natural cells. Cancer cell are not natural cells. I will never take a single tablet of atorvastatin, known as Lipitor.
    The above mentioned book is unfortunately only available in German. If of interest to many Lipitor swallowing people I am prepared to translate the most important parts into English.
    Cheers and enjoy live without these stupid drugs.

  11. can I find it in the state please?
    thank you

  12. Carolyn Stapleton

    I too would like to know how to eat the sweet potatoes, raw or cooked and do they need to be eaten plain or with seasoning like cinnamon sugar…. also is there a way to test your colesterol at home?

  13. Caroline Goering

    How about avocados?

  14. A natural remedy is Policosanol from sugar cane which lowers LDL and reaises HDL cholesterol

  15. Carrots and turnips also inclueding?

  16. Eating raw is always healthiest if possible. Raw food includes most natural vitamins and minerals that get washed out a little when food is cooked. In the case of things like sweet potatoes, they’re most often cooked since they’re quite hard under tooth. So don’t hesitate to cook these.

    Eating sweet potatoes is only one of many things you can do to lower cholesterol. It’s not a magic pill however.

  17. They may help, but many of these root crops have their soil soaked in pesticides prior to planting. So, I do not eat any of them unless they are organic.

  18. Scott,….raw or cooked please?……see above comments!…. I’m presuming cooked.

  19. Many thanks for this information.

  20. Take note of what Wolf says. The medical profession is constantly lowering the bar so that supposedly bad cholesterol levels were fine even just 20 years ago.
    Also you have to test for “Pattern B” LDL cholesterol. Pattern A LDL cholesterol is also a good cholesterol.
    The numbers we use in Aus are not the same as in the USA, so that’s confusing too.

  21. cinnamon is fine as it lowers blood sugar too. You certainly don’t want or need to add sugar to sweet potatoes. They are already sweet! Statins are not good for us as Wolf said. In spite of what docs are told by big pharma. You can use red yeast rice tablets to control cholsterol naturally. and sweet potatoes are so easy to grow if you have any dirt at all or even a bin of leaves will grow sweet potatoes at home.

  22. Dennis says Orange peeling loweres cholesterol I wash chop up say 2 orange"s 1 whole the other peeled.
    put them in the blender add water results orange juice that lower's cholesterol check it out on the net (just key in orange peeling lowers cholesterol you will get all the info you wiil need.

  23. Hibiscus tea is very good for high cholesterol.

  24. Thanks David, for this wonderful answer, I was often worried as both my parents have diabetic & make sure all that diet they take should never raise their sugar level.

  25. Wolf can i get the book translated to English please?

  26. If you are interested in cholesterol publications in English that is not from big pharma, then look up Dr. Sandra Cabot. She has done extensive work on liver function and metabolism. I have found her way of eating helpful. It is sad that we must look outside the US to get the truth as it regards our health

  27. wherein Philippines can we find TUGI, is this local name? I am from Cebu, I don't hear this root crop.

  28. For the attention of Wolf

    I am very much interested in knowing more from Wolf pertaining to Lipitor. My doctor just put me on it for a month to lower my Cholesterol. Please translate the important the important parts that you think I should know from “the cholesterol lye”.

  29. thanks for the information,about being diabetic can have sweet potatoes and lower choplestrol

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