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White Rice Contributes to Type 2 Diabetes

A new study published in the journal BMJ raises concerns about eating too much white rice.

Researchers examined the results of 4 studies that spanned the globe to look at the number of times per day a participant ate white rice.

They then correlated it with the occurrence of development of type two diabetes. They found that the higher the number of servings of white rice per day, the greater occurrence of developing diabetes, even in people who were of moderate and healthy weights.

Similar results were seen when looking at consumption of other white carb foods such as bread, pasta, and potatoes.

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  1. …..as far as food is concerned, anything colored [ by mother nature – I mean!] is always the best…….

  2. Does the white rice include paboiled rice?

  3. This a is a concern, these foods should be eaten less…or avoid it completely…

  4. Rice is the staple food of billions, particularly in Asia. Are you suggesting there is a pandemic of diabetes in these countries because of their (twice-daily) consumption of rice?

  5. we only eat brown rice now, it contains all the natural vitamins and acts as a scrubbing brush for the GI tract..

  6. Don’t believe everything what newspaper said.Those are junky researches with junky sciences.

  7. Only Brown Rice, we like to eat anything that absorbs water!

  8. Ghaniyyah Amatullah Binta Roberts

    I will be cutting out the white rice and replace it with brown rice and whole grains.

  9. Alfred Bamberger

    Everything being equal I would suggest that white rice produced in the USA
    would be suspect to cause Diabetes II, as does genetically modified wheat,corn, soy, sugar and processed foods in general.
    It has been finally published and in the news media that these are cause of
    Diabetes, ADHD-ADD, cardio issues, gastro-intestenal issues and many “new”

  10. Alberto’s question also occurred to me.

    What about Asia including the Philipines? They eat lots of white rice and don’t have the diabetes epidemic the US does.

    It looks like that is part of the picture rather the whole answer.

  11. With diabetes so easy to cure…see Rawfor30days DVD…some in just two weeks, it's a non-problem, except for the ignorant.

  12. Wholegrain rice (not instant rice) – polished, unpolished or par-boiled rice has been the staple food for people in Asia for ages. If rice is that “bad”, Asians would be the highest sufferers of diabetes for a long long time – but this is not so until quite recently. Asians became more effluent and “educated” and started to eat more meat, use corn-oil (to avoid poly-saturated oils)instead of coconut oil and replaced coconut milk with dairy milk as advocated by western medicine. There’s a host of other foods like sugar, high fructose corn syrup that comes in soft drinks – juices, etc. Look into all these first. As people get richer, they become lazy and no longer eat wholesome food cooked at home. I believe this is a great contributor to our health problems today. Have a great day.

  13. We switched some time ago. No going back.

  14. I agree with the various readers who pointed out that people in Asia eat white rice at every meal their whole life without becoming diabetics. This article is obviously written by someone with a strong Western-centric bias. Not very useful as health news!

  15. I agree with all the previous comments. DO YOUR RESEARCH. The people in China and other Asian countries DO NOT have a problem with diabetes. It is the western civilization and it’s overprocessing of foods that is the problem.

  16. Where can I get this DVD Mr. Green?

  17. Just saw the movie "Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead.". Confirms everything Wayne has been saying for years. We bought a juicer yesterday and will take the challenge to become healthier in 60 days! Wayne has always been ahead of his time!

  18. Michael Kersting

    Why is diabetes is easy to cure,if o how?

  19. Michael Kersting

    Correction : Why is diabetes easy to cure,if so, how?

  20. I see,there are controversies about eating white rice and diabetes.I am looking for the right answer.

  21. is that so? so all asians are DIABETIC? There is brown rice but mostly about 98% we eat white rice, I guess we have to fortify white rice with vitamins or other food additives.

  22. Fee ThirstyFor Ilm


  23. Worrisome revelation. White rice is a staple food in Nigeria. Does it mean most people living there are diabetic? Ndu

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