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Raisins Help Reduce Blood Pressure

Recently, study findings from the Louisville Metabolic and Atherosclerosis Research Center showed that pre-hypertensive participants who ate raisins three times a day were able to reduce their blood pressure during the 12-week study.

Compared to participants eating other snacks with the same calorie count, participants eating the raisins for a snack were able to lower both systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) pressure readings.

This is really good news for anyone who loves raisins – and who doesn’t love raisins? Note however that participants were replacing processed, wheat-based snacks. So it may actually be healthier to cut down all snacks between meals.

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  1. Raisins may lower blood pressure. However, they are 'high calorie' and they will send blood sugar over the moon in a diabetic.

  2. Is that 2 raisins or more? How many more? How many times per day?

  3. Well finally a healthy snack that actually tastes good! You just have to watch those calories and don't forget that raisins can be bad for your teeth so don't forget to brush!

  4. Its tradd?t?onal custome from long t?me ?n Iraq eat?ng ra?s?ns.

  5. Thanks. I have been dealing with HBP a long time. I will pik some up today.

  6. raisins are not, however, good for your complexion or your weight. They’re cute & handy but they are, afterall, shriveled & sugary.

  7. Dried fruit? – high in fructose. Ugh! My sure fire method of reducing BP is supplement with 4-600 of magnesium, eliminate all sugar, processed foods, refined foods, and grains. Eat whole foods, meat from organic grass fed animals, raw dairy (all in moderation). Supplement with cod liver oil and eat 1 lb of fish/wk or supplement with fish oil. And of course all organic.

  8. at last the website gives you something for nothing – instead of promising new discoveries, but to get them you have to pay for a quarterly subscription of suchj like.

  9. needs more clarification in case of diabetes.thanks.

  10. What does the raisins do to blood sugar seems like you can’t win

  11. raisins bad for yr teeth though.

  12. It is good but a bit too sweet some of them wouldn’t like it

  13. Sounds OK, but dried raisins contain sulphur dioxide and unspecified vegetable oil. Why not eat fresh grapes instead?

  14. Perhaps but fresh fruits are better,regards.

  15. doesn't a glass of wine a day do the same thing?

  16. No, it is not me, but my beautiful daughter.

  17. I ahve tried all the ideas on how to reduce my blood pressure ,but I am battling to bring down the systolic. At any given time my systolic can rise to 180mmhg.The highest my diastolic has reache dis 90mmhg.
    I have taken apple cider vinegar with garlic soaked in the vinegar.I add a few drops to my water and then drink. I laso have heachaches constantly .To releave my headache /i also aplly a few drops to my head .
    It helps.

    What I ahve found out is that ,when I takr analgesia . panado or paracods .IFound taht my systolic drops to 137mmhg.
    My glasses could be causing me a great deal of pain ,in the regions of my occiput.I work in a stressful trauma unitseeing to critically ill patients.

    The optic nerves as ,one Dr put it may be interferred with and so causing the heachache,which inturn raises my blood pressure.

    It could be stress.

    Could some help me.

  18. I would rather prefer fresh grapes, dried raisin can be too sweet to be taken everyday. Red meat has got a negtive effects on HBP istead white meat can do.

  19. Mona,
    your job is killing you! I know people want to find another alternative to blood pressure meds but until you can control it constantly don’t leave yourself with those high numbers! The raisins may work and if they do keep it up because a few calories is nothing compared to what i went through last year…I’m lucky to be alive now. On the other note, (Celtic Sea Salt)will reduce blood pressure and if you don’t believe it then research it. I use it and it works the opposite of the processed salt that’s been killing us all these years! It’s all natural and from the shores of France…check it out

  20. Regarding your article about raisins, what does the following mean: “Note however that participants were replacing processed, wheat-based snacks. So it may actually be healthier to cut down all snacks between meals.” Grammatically, it appears to mean to forget what you just wrote about raisins! If so what good was this article to people trying to lower their blood pressure. Could you please explain. Thank you.

  21. I use many methods to lower my HBP (including my meds)- hope to be off them someday soon. Raisins are good, but better in Oatmeal for brkfst. Apple Cider Vinegar (2 tsp in 8oz water), sliced beets soaked in lemon juice overnight (eat one slice a day), a quarter sliced watermelon (2-a-day), roasted garlic (spread on slice of honey wheat bread), exercise 30 mins daily, go bowling often, and many more ideas all help to keep my numbers in check.

  22. Kudo’s to you all. I find you all to be a lot more thorough than Christian Goodman. Your responses above (too sweet, too high in surgar and sulfates, etc.) are right on. It seems to me that Christian should do a little more research before he emails “healthy” tips to people. No where does he mention the high sugar and high calorie downside to eating raisins three times a day…..Duh!!!!

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