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Squeezing Rubber Ball Drops Blood Pressure

Some of the 80 million adults in the United States with high blood pressure may want to put down their drugs and pick up a rubber ball. According to a study from the Journal of Hypertension, 10-minutes per day, 3-days per week of hand grip training is enough to moderately reduce high blood pressure levels.

The technique, known as isometric training, has been shown to be effective in several research studies and has led to the release of an FDA-approved blood pressure lowering device known as the Zona. However, many medical experts are claiming that squeezing a rubber ball can have the same beneficial properties at a fraction of the cost (it can be found in most sports stores for under $10). It just can’t be FDA approved because, there really is no device in place except a small rubber ball.

As stated before, the rubber squeeze ball exercise provides MODERATE improvements in blood pressure. There are, however, simple exercises that have been shown to drop blood pressure down to a healthy level quickly and effectively – without ANY devices (not even squeeze ball). Learn more about these blood pressure exercises here…

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  1. Hey, I ha e three of them in a drawer. *goes to get o e.*.

  2. I wonder does it really work? Anyone tried this before? Karen, why you have so many balls? Did it work or useless so threw into the drawer!

  3. What really is the normal range for BP? Should both arms be checked, when and how often?

  4. Do a person need to hold the rubber ball both hands?
    Please let me know

  5. Is this the hard rubber ball or the soft ball used for finger exercises

  6. Good news I think all kinds of exercise can lower high blood pressure its been proved over and over again thanks for the info.

  7. Intrigued by your rubber ball article. Please could you tell us in more detail what should be done with the ball. Is it a case of squeeze and release or does timing matter. Surely we could be given some details please.


  8. Interesting suggestion I shall certainly give it a try
    nothing ventured nothing gained they say

  9. I’ve been squeezing and scratching my balls most of my adult life and all it seems to do is put my blood pressure up…Andy Bin Lafen….hahahahaha…Try laughter it’s great for lowering blood pressure and relieving stress.

  10. wow………… amazing man. I’m going to get 1 at the store right now………..

  11. Amazing..! No medicine required, i would like to try and see myself.

  12. Christian, your recent article about squeezing the rubber ball, to lower blood pressure is quite accurate. I received information on the Zona device and did not want to spend the 150.00 dollars for it and started using a solid rubber credit card terminal-(used for advertising by the manufacturer of this terminal), and it worked to lower my blood pressure some. Your program did more and I lost 35 lbs and it is down to normal.
    The Zona device inventor makes mention of test pilots who were passing out in super sonic spins squeezing the throttle for 2 minutes with hand resting for one minute and then repeating with the other hand-repeated-(a 12 minute routine). This prevented them from passing out and the side benefit discovered later was the lowered blood pressure.-

  13. Agreed. Do laughter and watching comedy programs provide the same remedy?

  14. Bernadine Mackenzie

    I am very interested in learning more. Havew had high blood pressure for years and have been on medicine but nothing seems to help me.

  15. Where do you purchase the rubber ball???

  16. These simple, effective remedies are so often overlooked by traditional medical doctors.

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