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Sweet News: Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure

Eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate can help reduce blood pressure, reports a large study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In this study, scientists at the UK’s Norwich Medical School investigated the results of 42 studies that tested the effects of chocolate on cardiovascular health.

They found that individuals that consistently ate dark chocolate had lower risks of heart problems, including high blood pressure, when compared to those that avoided chocolate. Scientists think that a compound found in high amounts in chocolate, known as flavonoids, relax vascular tissue, thus lowering blood pressure.

More surprising ways to reduce blood pressure’s ticking time bomb…

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  1. Snorri Eyjólfsson

    vissi það að sukula'i er holt.

  2. Stella Walker-Sharland

    So how much chocolate, and how often….etc.

  3. I like milk chocolate and my blood pressure is ery low.

  4. Good news. I eat chocolate not very often. I will increase my intake and watch my BP.

  5. If this is really true, it’ll be the most cheering News of this Century!

  6. I love chocolate,,,, and it´s good for you,, hahahaha.

  7. Milk or white chocolate I like very much. But when it comes to dark chocolate I have problems…what should I do about?

  8. Anthony Grandison

    Quite interesting, I have heard about that wonderful value of chocolates.

  9. I like dark chocolate, yum, yum, but with moderate amounts.

  10. Hello sis

  11. patience Nyirenda

    Thanks for this important information,i have lived with this ailment for ten years now. I will try to be eating these dark chocolates from now onwards.

  12. I already know pure chocolate is good for the heart.


  14. yolanda manlapaz

    i love chocolates but ignorance of some things make us sick, i really
    like your healthy tips

  15. During times of my stressful life, I turn to chocolate chip cookies and coffee when I’m away from home, or at home I add my own chocolate mix to my coffee for a very relaxing drink all day long or as I need it. I belive it helps my A-fib and my blood pressure…and it helps me to cope…

  16. Indeed, this is a good news. Thank you so much, Blue Heron.

  17. I love chocolates since young but, now could no longer eat much of this due to diabetes. Is dark chocolate good for diabetics? I wonder if it’s okay? I think if it doesn’t have sugar, maybe it’s okay.

  18. Thank you for sharing the information. I do drink Hershey’s cocoa natural unswetened 3times a week. If I’m at my doctors office my systolic reading is high but my diastolic is normal. at home my b/p reading on my systolic is variable and diastolic is normal. my doctor told me I have a white coat hypertension.I don’t know what else can help me.
    Do you think my b/p medication of cozaar and the chocolate drink helps?

  19. Thank you for this wonderful health tips , I thought all the sweets are bad for people with high BP. thanks, I shall eat them as from today

  20. I used to eat chocolate for several years and bought expensive chocolate and was told it would lower my blood pressure, Mine never went down so that isn’t entirely true unless there is a certian kind what I ate was dark chocolate and it was good and expensive.

  21. Judy G.E. Bakka-Francis

    Thanks for this info. I love dark chocolates. But for some reason(unknown) have been minimizing my use of chocolates.

    Thanks for all your wonderful tips.

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