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Purple Potatoes Fight Blood Pressure

Although regularly demonized by low-carb gurus, potatoes are a healthy source of many important nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin C and dietary fiber. It’s these nutrients that are thought to be responsible for the blood pressure lowering effects of purple potatoes, as recently reported in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

In this study, 18 volunteers with high blood pressure were asked to eat 6 small antioxidant-rich purple potatoes twice daily for 2 months. At the end of the 2-month follow up period, purple potato eaters lowered their blood pressure by approximately 5%. In addition to vitamins and minerals, the researchers note that purple potatoes contain natural compounds similar to ACE-inhibitor drugs.

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  1. 6 potatoes twice a day for a drop of 6%? boy, who won't do that for the rest of their life?

  2. ware can you buy these blue potatoe's.

  3. Thank you
    that’s a surprise to see such purple potatoes we have roze ones could those
    have the same values ?

  4. ls purple potato the same with sweet purple potato.

  5. I like potatoes, but 12 a day? seems a little extreme.

  6. Sainsburys sold them for a short time, but they have now disappeared again.

  7. My husband would be thrilled to have 12 potatoes a day !..my cholesterol on the other hand would not be good !

  8. if you eat 12 potatoes a day you will cut back on fast foods (no Room for fast foods) daaaaaaaa!

  9. If purple potatoes are available in Nigeria and can help to reduce hypertension bye to sythetic drugs.

  10. Good idea Abdul – but don't let the GCP (Global Control Pariahs) home in on it- They will surely send their Frankenstein Food scienitists to kill off Purple Potatoes and swamp Nigeria with their Genetically corrupted poison version. Population reduction been a goal of a certain 'breed' since Biblical times. And just check out who owns McDonalds, Kentucky Chicken,
    and all the global hypermarkets !!! There you go. By the way, I recomend Black Garlic and Turmeric for Hypertension.
    Good Luck !!! Le Jongleur !

  11. Sandra Swift Murray

    Hi all.I had hypertension for a couple of years and did not want to go on medication for it. As an RN I know that there are short and long term effects to many medications. Initially I used celery and celery seed tea, after reading that the Chinese have treated hypertension with celery. Celery is high in natural sodium which is badly needed by the body for good health. At the time I could not eat any salt at all without spiking my blood pressure. I found i could eat celery and celery seed tea without spiking the high blood pressure and could get the sodium I needed. I now can eat iodized celtic sea salt no problem. I am all for using food as medicine so purple potatoes sounds good! I also used exercise, moderate weight loss and supplemented with magnesium. Magnesium relaxes the blood vessel walls and many of us are deficient in it as it is not put into the ground where crops are grown so the plants we eat and the animals we eat are deficient in it. Good luck to all.

  12. Christine chokunegella

    In my country there is no those purple potatoes can i use other potatoes like sweet potatoes?

  13. Cedric Masikamu

    It sounds good and relieving to note that these purple potatoes can lower High blood pressure but my question is do the purple sweet potatoes do also lower HBP?

  14. AHERUVOH, David Ohiku

    Most of the prescription of foods we received from you are either not in Africa or the interpretation is difficult to identify the food or the recommendations. I will like you to have an indigenious agent in Africa especially in Nigeria who can assist you and also engage in proper marketing of the vast majority of Africans who are currently in need of this natural therapy.

    David O. AHERUVOH.

  15. Dianna Maffeo Wilson

    what if u have kidney problem, too much potasium.

  16. were on earth do you get purple potatoes from they look very interesting

  17. A purple potatoe is NOT the same as a sweet potatoe, simple as that.

  18. Shirley Pellerin

    were do I purchase these potatoes I live in Louisiana.

  19. Dianna Maffeo Wilson

    I don't know, but, it does look interesting.

  20. I would like to see in you articles for example where the particular food or plant is grow or what region or continent it is natural to, so we know what to ask for when we go looking for it. Thanks so much.

  21. I live in Ohio…Have never seen or heard of a purple potato..Have found Idaho potatoes are not any good to lower B/P. Tell me how far I have to travel to get the purple ones…Will require more than 6% reduction in my B/P.

  22. we have them in all the supermarkets here in Australia maybe you could send away for the seed potato and grow your own though to be honest i could not eat that many a day

  23. June Reichenback

    Do these purple potatoes have a special name, such as Red Devils, Desiree, etc as ours do in Australia?, also if you are type 2 diabetic eating that many potatoes( this is how we spell potatoes in Australia by the way ) would not be reccomended.

  24. Rory Allen where would you get black garlic from please?, I have never heard of it in Australia.

  25. I live in California and have seen and purchased purple potatoes at local farmers markets, not in grocery stores. The potatoes are brilliant purple thru-and-thru but taste very much like the familiar white potato. I wasn’t aware of the blood pressure lowering qualities when I tried them. But, I would think it would be a challenge to eat 12 of them per day, as done in the trial. Talk about carb loading… LOL

  26. Mary Lou Oatman Potatoes are a cholesterol free food…

  27. Hi, and thankyou for the information.

    God bless.

  28. HI all, does that mean we are so lucky in New Zealand since we have purple potatoes. We have the Maori purple potato call Tutaikuri and the other called Urika/Urica.
    Will experiment and will tell you the results in 3 months.

  29. I am yet to see purple potato in Nigerian market ! Is there any alternative potato ?

  30. whats the difference of yellow potato than the purple potato???they are the same potatoes..isnt it..

  31. unless you add butter or sour cream –

  32. olive oil works great, and no cholesterol

  33. But this is a curb.May be harmful for diabetes.

  34. Is natural Sodium like found in Celery and other vegtables Good for you and not be avoides as most site’s tell you to avoid because of the Sodium. I read somewhere years ago that Natural Sodium is different that regular table salt and is actually good for you.
    Can anyone confirm this for me? Thanks bingotwo

  35. Mary V. Elliott

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