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Devastating Effects of Migraine and Headaches

Most people consider headaches an annoying and painful- but pretty harmless health hazard. Repeated studies, however, have revealed a connection between serious headaches like migraine and an increased frequency of serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s, stroke and high blood pressure.

As technology advances, scientists can better study exactly what happens as a person experiences a migraine attack. And what’s revealed is frankly devastating. The conclusion is that migraines should not be treated; but rather, avoided by all means.

In today’s feature article, we’ll discuss exactly what happens with a migraine attack, the one single main cause for migraine and how it’s possible to avoid migraine and headache attacks all together, even if you’ve suffered for years.

Note that although not all headaches are considered migraine headache, the same exact function happens in the brain with all headaches. So if you have frequent headaches or suffer migraine with or without headaches please read on and make your comment below.

Anyone who has ever experienced a migraine attack knows all too well how bad it feels. So instead of dwelling on that, let’s look at what exactly happens in your body as the attack arises.

You see, migraine is always caused by some kind of trigger or combination of triggers. Nobody knows exactly why these triggers cause migraines, but they act in some ways like allergy effect.

What makes migraines extremely difficult to handle is that there is usually not one trigger that gets it going but a build-up of many triggers, often over a period of time. And those triggers can be emotional as well as physical or visual. For example, a piece of chocolate may throw you into migraine attack when you’re stressed but do nothing to you when you’re relaxed.

Migraine and headaches happen as the arteries in the brain inhibit or reduce blood delivery to parts of the brain because of changes in dilation. Different types of migraine and headaches depend on where in the brain this inflammation happens. For short periods of time, your brain is experiencing mild stroke effects.

To prevent permanent brain damage from the lack of blood delivery, the body expands the arteries, making the pressure even more severe and causing increased pain and migraine symptoms.

Since your brain at some points can be starving for oxygen, the tissues closest to the main arteries steals most of the oxygen delivered, leaving parts deeper inside the brain deprived. This is not unlike the symptoms of small, mild strokes.

This is the reason why migraine has been connected to the development of dementia and there is higher risk of severe stroke among people with migraine as well as connection to many other neuralogical diseases.

Since every single migraine attack acts as series of mini-strokes on the brain and causes minor brain damage, scientists now warn that the main object should not just to treat the pain from migraine but to try to avoid it altogether to prevent more serous diseases down the road.

Unfortunately, the traditional medicine system has been unable to come up with effective medications to prevent migraine. And in fact, many drugs, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol drugs, can cause migraine attacks as side effects.

It’s therefore important (as with all diseases) to look at the underlying cause of migraine instead of focusing on the symptoms.

Emotional stress is a major trigger for migraine and headache. Who hasn’t experienced a migraine hitting on the exact day when you just couldn’t afford to be sidelined with a migraine. This is why migraine is more common among people suffering high blood pressure and why mind body exercises such as yoga, meditation, bio-feedback and our high blood pressure exercise program have been proven to help tremendously with migraine sufferers.

What you eat is even more important than how you feel regarding triggering migraine. You probably already know about some types of foods that you simply can’t eat without paying for it. When isolating a trigger food, it’s recommended to take out of your diet pretty much everything except basic, unprocessed foods for a week. Then little by little add back in different foods and see how they affect you. However, this can be very complicated because foods may not trigger migraine unless taken in combination with other triggers.

I’ve found the single most important migraine trigger to be oxygen deprivation in the first place. This is the reason why migraine is more common among those suffering sleep apnea, for example. It’s also more common in cities with low or compromised oxygen levels. Oxygen deprivation triggers the inflammation in the brain that then again causes more oxygen deprivation.

Oxygen therapy (where people breathe oxygen from a tank) has been proven as a somewhat helpful method to treat migraine. The problem with oxygen therapy, however, is that it isn’t as effective once your migraine attack has started. It also doesn’t guarantee that the oxygen inhaled is actually delivered to the brain.

Tackling migraine and headaches, it’s important to address all above triggers (emotional, diet and oxygen) and eliminate them systematically. I’ve set up a system to do that in my very successful migraine and headache program. Learn more about that here…

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  1. My daughter had a migraine attack 2 years ago, We saw her GP & it appeared she had a mini stroke.Prior to that she was not able to speak properly,slurring in her speech,mix match words etc.,Overnight observation at the hospital. She was stable & ready to discharge the next day. She was given CT scan & MRI to get the full picture.The likely diagnosis was migraine attack.She had her left side cheeks collapsed inwards.This whole thing started when she was playing on the internet games & her eyes going blurry.No medication was given to her. Since then we are been watchful & alert.

  2. I have suffered from extreme migraines for many years and have relied on
    Medications for relief. I add that I was also Hypertensive as well. Recently I changed my diet and began taking supplemental magnesium and other mineral supplements as well as Quercetin and Co Enzyme Q10 and have not had a migraine since…and my Blood Pressure has been normal as well. Result…no more medications for Migraines and HP meds after 40 years of suffering. AMEN.

  3. I am extremely fortunate in that, at fast approaching the age of 70, you could probably count the number of headaches I have experience on the fingers of my hands and I may possibly have had migraine symptoms 2 or possibly 3 times. However my mother had significant migraine attacks and my sister and nephew both suffer quite regularly. I therefore read the above article very carefully and shall attempt to see if I can pass on the information to them, albeit gradually. Unfortunately my sister is particularly resistant to such attempts as she believes every word her General Practitioner tells her and dismisses natural health care out of hand. She is also taking huge amounts of medication for Cancer, Tyroid problems, high blood pressure and Osteo-arthritis. Mother had a tremendous number of mini strokes before a massive one which killed her (aged 105 mind you) so I am fearful of scaring my sister rather than helping her but I have to try. (By the way a G.P. is basically the family doctor system we have in England.)

  4. CCSVI? Venoplasty for Vascular Stenosis,

  5. A great article thanks Cyndi. I have suffered migraines for years, as do a higher than expected percentage of PWMS. I have studied the connections a lot but thats a wonderful clear, simple article and it makes so much sense that oxygen deprivation causes migraine… Thank you!

  6. This article cleverly links triggers to headaches/migraines and I look forward to looking at the programme. I certainly recognise and relate to many of the symptoms and the explanations make so much plain sense which is a huge relief in itself. If I can recognise the triggers and learn to understand and avoid them, then this will hugely eliminate the stress element. Then I can enjoy welcoming peace and pain free living which in turn will contribute to another triggger elimination – coooool.

  7. Could migrInes cause seizures? We have ruled out AVM etc

  8. What about the flashes in the eyes but no hEadache. Are they dangerous too?

  9. Dr. Carey Reams found that most often headaches have to do with wildly swinging blood sugar. Keeping blood sugar out of the “zone of misery”, as he called it, requires checking urine sugar with a refractometer especially at 11 am and 2 pm. Then the intake of sweets and water is adjusted accordingly until the pancreas can be rebuilt by following the Reams program.

  10. I suffered devastating migraines for 7 years, it never stopped it was there all the time. We moved and the migraines were gone in a couple weeks. It was our new house, it was not properly ventilated and it caused heart damage for my husband (he passed away in June). I avoid moth balls, cedar and perfumes…they trigger nasty migraines still. Drs. thought I just wanted painkillers… all I wanted was relief from the pain. SXome days I could not stand up or eat or drink, I had auras as well. I have learned to avoid as many triggers as possible. Debbie E

  11. we love you princess lee joan, grandpa n ma.

  12. Most headaches (all kinds) can be traced back to overgrowths of fungi in the body. Removing sugars and all grains, adding probiotics and anti-fungal supplements, and cleaning the liver can banish headaches quickly. The yeast-free diet is a miracle here. All pain is caused by inflammation, and what causes inflammation? Yeast and fungi. What makes bread rise? Yeast! The swelling and inflammation from the activities of growing yeast/fungi on and in tissue cause the pain reaction. Overgrowths of yeast also cause high blood pressure AND seizures. See Recaging the Beast at Amazon.

  13. Quite educative. Thanks a lot.

  14. I found acupressure to be most effective, it works in two minutes. You should try this method.

  15. Found this information informative but what if your migraines are being caused by hormonal changes and are cyclic, how do you stop these??

  16. Very interesting article.

    I have suffered from migraines since 1996. During that time I have only had one actual headache and that was because I was being admitted to hospital and they would not let me have my tablets without me seeing a doctor. By the time the doctor came I had the full blown headache, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, numness of the lips and felt very nauseated.

    Most of my migraines can be stopped at the aura stage by taking Mersyndol Day Strength and two Werthers Original glucose lollies. If I take the glucose the migraine aura goes quite quickly. Without the glucose I would have to lie down and wait about half an hour. Some times I do suffer the noise and light sensitivity but most times if I’m quick enough can stop it at the aura stage. My migraines usually start with a big dead spot so I do get some warning. I do not get them frequently but they seem to come about every three months. I sometimes suffer what I would call a “hangover”.

    The chiropractor usually uses an activator on my lower back or neck and that seems to help.

    Footnote: My doctor told me not to ever hand my migraine tablets over to the hospital staff if I am ever admitted to hospital again. He said to keep them on me and if I happen to have a migraine on admission, take them without telling the staff and then tell the doctor when he finally comes.

  17. hi a few years ago i started getting like rings flashing brilliant colours in my eyes very frightening lasted for about half hour then some sharp pain on side off head saw eye specialist said it was visual migrain told take an asprin and it clears up almost straight away .bright lights trigger it off some times fatigue ,lack of water ,to much alcahol,stress .can trigger it i was told

  18. This is an interesting article, and a bit scary. I’m wondering if the author could share the sources of information that demonstrate the damage migraines do to the brain?

    FYI, this study offers some alternative information: http://voices.yahoo.com/migraines-alzheimers-headaches-increase-8744379.html?cat=70

    I have found that Linda’s and Joseph’s suggestions are right on: Eliminate grains, yeast, and sugar, and supplement with magnesium and CoQ10. Doing these things have seriously reduced the frequency and intensity of my migraines.

    Ketogenic diets also seem to be beneficial to sufferers of migraines, seizures, Parkinson’s, and other neurodegenerative conditions. I’m very interested to see what the future holds for our understanding of diet and brain function.

  19. As a migraine sufferer since age 18 and currently age 48, I recently went through a 2 day period where I had 3 consecutive attacks and lost a small portion of my peripheral vision in my left eye due to severe migraines. Six months later my vision damage is not better. My neurologist urges me to change my stressful lifestyle and avoid my triggers relentlessly. My main trigger is sleep deprivation. Currently taking feverfew, magnesium and vitamin B2 with hope for the best.

  20. I have had all kinds of migraines; classic, (with the visual distortion preceding the headache) silent, (visual distortion w/o the headache,) menstruel, (the only good thing about those is I could predict them) and migraines triggered by light/food/alcohol. How would I go about eliminating them, when it seems I have all of them?

  21. Yes, like Gina Powers I had monthly migraines throughout my years of menstrual periods–I have read that MOST “migraineurs” (as the Canadian migrane association calls us)suffer as a result of these periodic hormone fluctuations. In addition, my blood vessels expand during times of intense joy. My most severe migraine, lasting the proverbial “72 hours,” occured in later life when I was accepted into the law school I most eagerly wanted to attend. Does anyone else have this “joy” triggered issue?

  22. thank god I don't get them.

  23. I used to have migraines linked to PMT, at a time I was overtired, might have suffered from enormous tension and whiplash results ,which could have had quite an effect on bloodsupply and nerve connections going from the upper spine into the head and brain.
    There was certainly a link with my liver feeling very toxified and sick.
    Someone mentioned emotions in the comments: how could joy be linked to migraine ?

    Strong emotions, as well as stress or trauma , severe tiredness can take us ‘out of our bodies’, in normal terms, ignoring the needs and the grounded state that keeps us in touch which our bodily needs and functions.

    Such a situation can cause acute stress to the liver , play havoc with hormones and the genaral oldfashioned world of our bodies.

    My youngest daughter, who has the most almighty awful PMT and hormonal and is now 31, puts all the migraines, sickness and period pains and general hormonal craziness down to living a highly stresed and totally unnatural and ungrounded existence. ‘ My body is just a body , it wants babies’ she says.

    Men too cannot do the natural things that bodies want to do: have a territory, walk in the fresh air, run away from danger(i.e. stress), release all the adrenaline through physical work.

    We ll need to slow down, feel safe, have reliable emotional resonance, move around, have space, feel needed, have support, eat less toxic food.

    We are too far removed from the earth , and the design of our bodies , think.

    Marion Love and Light

  24. I have had what is called cluster headaches for about 2 years. they have come on every day about the same time. These thinks are like 3 to 10 times more powerful then a norm migraine. The only thing that I have found that has helped has been Prolotherpy. I have been getting shots in my temple and jaw for 2 Mo. and it is helping the pain level. Cluster headaches are not comin but those that have them can tell you how BAD they are.

  25. Hope it continues to get better. Guess I shouldn't complain when I have my "normal" headaches. Have never had a migraine.

  26. I know, I have also had only a few in my lifetime and am extremely grateful, because I know how they can be and I have friends who suffer terribly..

  27. Amy Rector Morland

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prolotherapy It's primarily used for knee, back, sholder, hip pain instead of invasive surgury but TG it's working for your headaches too.

  28. my daughter gets really bad headaches and her bloodpressure gets really high shes on perscribed medicine but it doesn’t help alot at all

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