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High Cholesterol Linked to Psoriasis

84% of people with the inflammatory skin condition known as psoriasis have advanced heart disease –significantly higher than those without psoriasis, according to a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

In this study, researchers investigated markers of heart health –including cholesterol—on a group of 9,500 adults. They found that adults with prolonged bouts of psoriasis tended to have higher cholesterol levels and narrower arteries than those free of psoriasis. The scientists note that the inflammation caused by psoriasis may contribute to increased cholesterol production and damage to the heart’s arteries.

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  1. Not true.
    i had it 50 years ago.i had the right kind of doctor,thank god! I was over wieght and the dr. took me off sugar and
    butter i could eat baked potatoes with nothing on them,fresh red. meat with the fat trimmed off by the butcher
    only four slices of plain whole wheat bread with no butter and no .jam or jellys ; salads with no dressing.
    i could drink beer,no dairy products.one small apple a day.no bananas.i ate a lot! i had to pus myself away from the table.the dr. wanted to take my shirt off and get sunlite 15 min a day front and back.i lost 19 lbs the first month.my skin cleared up compleatly…it was bad.all over my whole body.the worst on my upper body.it been gone ever since
    i eat a more than a pound of butter a week now.i am over weight too and my cholesterol is high but i am in great
    health.as per dr, theodore (me)..thanks for letting me share.

  2. tHANK YOU FOR KEEPING US INFORMED. I RECENTLY FOUND -OUT I HAVE PSORIASIS, FROM A FRIEND WHEN I showed him little scsrs that are taking a lifetime to heal. I mentioned it to my docyor but he was not impressed.As you already know I have a cholesterol problem and I thank for informing me of this link.

  3. lately I have been seeing this type of story linking heart disease and skin conditions, go figure! now I know if my elbows itch I need to exercise and eat better!

  4. For Theodore Binder..I have high cholesterol and psoriasis too. Did your Doctor give you oral medication for your psoriasis? I’ll try to to correct my colesterol Like you do and see it it will help me. Please let me now how long did it take you to stay on low cholesterol diet? I stop taking the oral medication and my psoriasis got worst. Your story gives me hope..
    thank you for sharing.

  5. I believe in your article. Yes, my husband died of heart disease because he also had psoriasis.This I only know now. So, people with psoriasis beware of this.Thanks for this information.

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