Asian Apple Found to Reduce Diabetic Blood Sugar

A team of Malaysian researchers discovered that an extract from an apple popular in Southeast Asian countries can reduce high blood sugar.

In the study, researchers tested the ability of compounds within the apple (known as the “water apple”) to block the same key enzyme responsible for high blood sugars that many anti-diabetic drugs target.

They found that an extract of the compounds stopped the activity of the enzyme 89% of the time –significantly more than prescription drugs. The water apple extract was also found to inhibit the formation of AGE products, known to contribute to diabetic complications.

Update: The name of this apple is Syzygium samarangense often goes by the names: wax apple, love apple, java apple, royal apple, bellfruit, Jamaican apple, water apple, mountain apple, cloud apple, wax jambu, rose apple, and bell fruit. They are very rare but you may possible be able to get it in local health food stores in Europe and USA.

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  1. Alexander Diamond says:

    And the name of this apple is…..?
    And it can be found/purchased……?
    Without this information your article is a pointless novelty. What exactly are readers supposed to do with this non-information?
    I’m interested in your reply if for no other reason it goes to the credibility
    of your web site.

  2. Milena Ilievska-Arsova says:

    What is the latin name of this plant?
    Can we (people in Europe) plant it on this climate? How can get close to it? Is there a factory that extracts the juice, or making some powder? I’m interested to get known more about it! Milena

  3. We’ve all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor.
    away,” but a recent study of a specific apple seems to have.
    extraordinary healing power for diabetics.

  4. Karen says:

    …which Asian apple? Japanese Fuji? Korean?

  5. Joseph Schembri says:

    I do eat two or more apples a day, but I am diabetic, and my concern at the moment is that sometimes my heart miss a beat!

  6. joseph schembri says:

    surely there is no magic thing that can reverse the diabets

  7. R. Durnford-Slater says:

    My father was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 70 and was monitored for a while before deciding that he had been cured. Nobody in the family contradicted him as we were totally ignorant. He lived until the age of 97 but went into a semi-comatose state at the age of 96 having harvested the crop of a small quince tree and made jelly, doing quite a bit of tasting. It took the local doctor a month to discover that he was diabetic by which time he was incontinent. The point of this story is that he used to eat 8 apples a day and I would not be surprised if it was thanks to the apples that he lasted so long and was so fit.

  8. Ladhu Singh says:

    I used to eat apple from 20 years. I am fit. I do the break fast of apple.

  9. Engr. Ladhu Singh Sodho says:

    I used to eat apple from 20 years. I am fit. I do the break fast of apple.

  10. John says:

    Is this apple available in north America. What’s the name of this apple type.

  11. Anda Kay Hardy says:

    Ok now that you have helped us know about the water Apple for High blood sugars where do we get it . You need to tell us where we may purchase the extract. It would be helpful to be able to purchase this product not just know about it. I believe this will work but have no idea where to purchase this product. Thank you Anda Kay Hardy

  12. Mel Plant says:

    Sounds amazing – are they available in the UK and if so under what name?

  13. H Cavaye says:

    Sounds “to good to be true.” What is the name of these apples and are they available in Ontario, Canada?

  14. Gayle Vogan says:

    Where can you find these apples, as I live in Colorado, and I have never seen or heard of them

  15. admin says:

    The name of this apple is Syzygium samarangense often goes by the names: wax apple, love apple, java apple, royal apple, bellfruit, Jamaican apple, water apple, mountain apple, cloud apple, wax jambu, rose apple, and bell fruit. They are very rare but you may possible be able to get it in local health food stores in Europe and USA.

  16. Em Be says:

    I too would like details of where to purchase this apple.
    West Yorkshire, UK.

  17. MaryLu Tosi says:

    oes this Water apple also grow in Costa Rica? I have a tree in my yard

  18. suzy27 says:

    Think it is to good to be true!!!!! What are these apples called are they avalible in the UK.

  19. Love apple eh. hhhaahahahahahah. I'll look for it at my organic supermarket.

  20. Q M MALIK says:

    Syzygium drops is a medicine used in Homeopathy for treatment of Diabetes. I am not sure if it is made from the Syzygium Samarangense apples but I did try it once a long time ago.

    While you mention that this apple is rare but is available in South East Asia but it would have been helpful if you had given the countries of origin or where it is found most commonly and under which name. Giving 10 different names without reference to the region does not make sense. It is also helpful if a picture of the real thing is published because it may be called an apple but not may look like the traditional one.

  21. So you gave us the names of this "miracle" apple, thank you, but the photo posted is of a granny smith apple. What does the Syzygium Samarangense look like? Any apple is alkaline, which is very good to rid our bodies of acidity. Any apple a day does keep the doctor away!

  22. Talal Asadi says:

    Adel Taha I thought you might like to know this

  23. Alexander Diamond says:

    As you see from the foregoing criticisms your apple article is virtually useless. But it goes to the heart of so-called health cures, supplements, et al. All many or most of them do is sell hope at $20 bucks a bottle. They, like the magic apple in your article, are invisible, figments of an imagination fueled by the possibility of big bucks made off victims of Diabetes. You should be ashamed.

  24. joe briones says:

    I would try it if I can find it! Anything from the earth is better than chemicals in the drugs.

  25. Patsy Ann Bumgarner says:

    Amen to all the other commentd, no subdtance found.

  26. some type of water apples are tambis, makopa….

  27. Rosa Charleston-Stokes says:

    While working in Sri Lanka with the late great Sir Anton Jayasuriya,
    Diabetes was treated and CURED by patients taking bitter gourd daily while having acupuncture daily on the spleen channel….Now that I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I hope to try your apples with acupressure and Jodi’s recipes to try and CURE it….I will keep you informed….Rosa

  28. OK some more info that leaves us high and dry. WHERE do I get this woner fruit.

  29. Adolphus says:

    One of the names stated is rose apple.The rose apple that I know is freely available in India and is also available in Australia in season but it does not resemble an apple at all in appearance.

  30. wilma says:

    if you google Syzygium samarangense you will see photos of the fruit

  31. c green says:

    the picture to me looks like green apples,is this true?

  32. Vijay Fernandez says:

    Syzgium also known as Eugenia Jambos ;Rose-apple Veli Jambu ; Seeni jambu; Myrataceae. A medium sized handsome tree, native of India and Malaya, introduced to Ceylon probably in the time of the Portuguese. The fragrant pinkish white fruit about the size of a hen’s egg, is of a sweetish rose water taste.As a fruit,however, it has little to recommend it,being usually woolly and almost juice-less;thrives in humid districts upto medium elevations of 4000 feet. I have a tree in Gujerat, India which will bear fruit in May; eat too much and it gives a slight belly ache.

  33. Vijay Fernandez says:

    PS Dear folk Google Eugenia Jambos and get to know it all ; by the way Homeopathy have it in their extracts.

  34. Emil J Maier says:

    Very interestiong,but ditto, where can we get it and especially in British Columbia where I live.

  35. Josephine Raj says:

    It's good news for us.Doctors advised me to eat only the green apples, mainly Granny Smith.All other red ones out of bounds because of the sugar content. It will cost to buy from Europe or USA, they normally send via FedEx & may have to pay extra charges when it's come to Uk. So can I buy this apples in the China Town in Uk? Would like your comments on this matter.

  36. Manoj says:

    Hi People check out the link :

    This “apple” is actually a fruit quite unlike any other…it tastes crisp and watery-juicy and leaves a fresh feeling in the mouth after eating it. I’ve seen some really big samples in Thailand and malaysia. The Indian variety is rather small and greenish in color.I seriously doubt if it’s available in the West.

  37. Watery Rose apple also known as ‘JAMBU’ apple’light in colour white/pink grows in Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia & Indonesia. It can grow in hot climates.Genus: Syzygium.Specis: Aqueus. A member of the myrtle family.It’s crisp & sweet.I remember eating this fruit while growing up in Sri Lanka. Had a tree, not very tall,easy access to reach up for the fruit. Flowers light pink, ants love to climb this tree (harmless ants)They can be either small or little big in size,not as big as the ordinary apple.The readers of the Blue Heron please type Jambu in google ,you will see the actual pitures of the fruit.I have so far not seen in the China Town in Uk.

  38. Harold Mendez says:

    This kind of apple is abundant in the Philippines and commonly called as “MACOPA”.