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New Cholesterol Drug Warning

Today I feel obligated to warn you about new cholesterol drugs that are coming out and your doctor may push you pretty hard to take them. And you may be tempted after hearing about the amazing results these drugs deliver.

But be aware, similar drugs have caused a 200% increase in deaths – including heart attacks-in long term studies!

Read more and take part in the discussion at the end of this page.

Oh, and I’ll also give you few tips on how I recommend dealing with cholesterol without using drugs.

Lets begin…

First of all, I’m not a doctor or medical person. The following comments are my personal opinions based on the research I’ve done. Do not change any medications without consulting a doctor. However, if your doctor pushes the following drugs, I suggest you seek a second opinion.

In the FDA pipeline there are at least two new drugs in the category of so called CETP inhibitors. These drugs are Anacetrapib from Merck and Dalcetrapib from Roche.

Amazing test studies from these new drugs were recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at the American Heart Association conference in Chicago.

Not only did the drug lower LDL (bad cholesterol) 39.8%, it also raised HDL (good cholesterol) a whopping 138%. With results like this it’s no wonder the media was doing a parade for these new upcoming drugs.

There is only one catch. In 2007, Pfizer was forced to pull a pretty similar drug, with similar function and similar test results from development at the latest stages after spending $800 million on developing this drug.

Why? Because although this wonder drug lowered bad cholesterol and raised good cholesterol, long term human studies revealed it caused a 40% increase in deaths due to heart disease and a 200% increase in overall deaths (you read it right- two hundred percent increase).

The pharmaceutical companies developing the new drugs are not going to make the same mistake as Pfizer. Their “studies” of the new drugs include a much smaller sampling of people and are much shorter in duration. So, long term effects of the drugs will probably not be discovered till after they have been on the market for some time.

I wonder how many people are going to lose their lives due to the unethical practices of these companies.

But there may be another question that’s more burning on your mind right now. How can drugs that have such stunning results in managing cholesterol (theorized to be the main cause of heart disease) cause MORE heart disease?

The answer is simple…

Forcing cholesterol up and down using medications doesn’t work because it doesn’t deal with the underlying cause of cholesterol and heart disease. It will only deal with the symptoms and the side effects are more dangerous than the cure.

So What Do I Suggest Instead?

Simple lifestyle changes are all that is needed. Sometimes it only takes small changes. You just have to make the RIGHT changes.

There are three areas where you want to focus on to lower cholesterol:

1) Exercise. Even small exercises like going out for a 20 minute walk every day have tremendous effects on your cholesterol. Not only does it lower the LDL, it also raises the HDL. And it does it naturally like nature designed us to.

2) Manage stress and high blood pressure. Repeated studies have shown that stress has negative effects on both types of cholesterol. The easiest method I know to manage stress and lower blood pressure is Christian Goodman’s Blood Pressure Exercise Program.

3) Make the right diet changes. I recommend a diet high in vegetables, low in animal fat and make sure the majority of your food is raw or whole. Snack on delicious raw carrots instead of potato chips. Juicing is also extremely effective.

I’ve had people contact me and say they’ve tried all the lifestyle changes there are to lower their cholesterol and all that is left is Statins. Without exception, after less than five minutes of conversation with these people, I’ve found out that they’ve been mislead and there is plenty more they can do (often easier choices than they already had taken).

And without exception, when people have made the decision to follow my advice, their cholesterol numbers have improved greatly within a month. I invite you to learn more about my methods to lower cholesterol naturally here…

But first, please make your comment below.

But first: What did you think of this article? Do you have a personal experience related to this? Please leave a comment and join the discussion in the Facebook Comment section below.

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  1. Mohammed Elzubair Abdalla says:

    very nice Im agree with u

  2. Barry Moule says:

    always informative

  3. John Doyle says:

    What is this business about raising or lowering cholesterol?
    Surely you guys of all people know that cholesterol is a non event.
    Ldl cholesterol, the so called bad one, protects the arteries. We need cholesterol to function at all levels, particularly in the brain.
    Haven't you seen the studies that show the death rate is higher for people with low cholesterol? Are you touting cholesterol management because these tests are a sham?

  4. norma wilson says:

    The real culprit to prevent heart disease is the diet. Eliminate all processed foods, canned foods. Drink more water to take out the toxins.
    Eat more berries, pomegranates,apples, oranges,figs to get more fiber and more phytonutrients. Omega 3 from krill, astaxanthin algae, walnuts flax seed meal
    and eat only grass fed meat. This will provide more benefits to the circulatory system than any cholesterol lowering drugs. Best of all walk and garden, grow your own organic vegetables ! Norma Wilson

  5. Diony Escarilla says:

    I was diagnosed with high cholesterol last year in october. The doctor recommended me a lipitor and a diet book. I am waiting for him to tell me about exercise and proper food but I was disappointed. I took my laptop and started to search for natural ways and found this site. So I took my credit card straight away and purchase a book and guess what my cholesterol dropped in 4 weeks by doing very simple recommendations. I totally agree, highly recommended!

  6. good idea keep it up.

  7. Paul says:

    I wish you had not made the comment (theorized to be the main cause of heart disease) as I had thought that was going by the wayside except for “mainstreat” authorities. After all, half of all heart attach victims have what are considered to be “normal” and “acceptable” cholesterol levels. I also wonder about the mainstreat calling any form of cholesterol good or bad, I find it incomprehensable bathat the body would deliberately create something that is bad for that same body. And everyone should know by now that dietary cholesterol is a very minor part of the cholesterol in the body. But overall, a very informative article. Keep it up.

  8. Paul says:

    Thanks for the warning – b***** drugs companies, but I would never take a drug for cholesterol. Proper diet is clearly the answer and cardio vascular excercise. Why not?

    Best wishes.

  9. David Porter says:

    I developed angina in 1986. That decided me to educate myself regarding my own body. I was a heavy smoker. However, I discovered through my own endevours (private tests) that I had heavy metal poisoning, which caused the arterial disease – or at least brought it on sooner than otherwise at the young age of 43. I was poisoned through my work in the oilfield diving industry. Goty some bad stuff inside of me! I soon discovered that insurance companies, drug companies,the medical proffession (doctors sell their souls as legal drug pushers for freebies and extras. They also sign off for Insurance companies to stop legitimate health insurance claims) Those doctors who do that are no better than the doctors who Hitler employed before and during the war. There are a few honest ones but few and far between who are generally castigated by big money Pharma and complient doctors etc etc. I had a quadruple bypass in 1999 after years of trying my best to recover my own health. I was told that if I had a bypass I would not be able to continue with my job as a diving supervisor. I had a angioplasty which ruptured my circumflex artery. I did not have a heart attack because my heart had developed its own very narrow bypass as discovered in a follow up angiogram. Anyway after, the operation during which my lung was punctured (nearly died in the recovery room) I was told by the surgeon that statistcally I would probebly develop diabetis. My brother in law same age had a triple bypass at the same time. Six years after his bypass he developed diabetis. 2012 and I still have not developed diabetis because I refused to take any drugs including Cholesterol drugs etc. I take no drugs but have discovered the cause of arterial disease and it is NOT cholesterol. It is homocisteen. I take suppliments to kill this acid. I also take supplimets that have cleared out my whole body arteries. At 69 I am fitter than I was at 40 years of age. DRUGS KILL and doctors are the pushers of these money making killer drugs. There is no profit in making people well but there is much profit in keeping people unwell. Every drug has a side effect and another drug is supplied by the complient doctor to counter the side effects and so on until your life is ruined. Its a like the woman who swallowed a fly. She continued until it killed her.

    It is better to try and stay away from drugs. Doctors though will sound sincere while experiemting for the profit and drug companies and their extra bonus for being complient. Any doctor who is not complient will lose out. He will simple be sideline by the drug and insurance companies. Stay alive and wake up to these dishonest people who run these companies and control the health and insurance industries.

    Dave Porter


    your articles are very much appreciated…….

  11. I have tried thr Christian Goodman blood pressure exercise and I didn't see any result..

  12. Wolf von zur Muehlen says:

    The anti cholesterol campaigns of ‘big pharma’ have to be counted to the big scams in medicine. Claims by the biggest company in this business that the total cholesterol should be below 160 is simply misleading if not criminal. As Prof. Hartenbach outlines in his book ‘The Cholesterol Lie’ the genetically normal value in about 75% of the population is between 200 to 250. It is also known that cholesterol is an important substance in the formation of new cells. A deficiency results in higher rate of cancer. Instead of taking the sickening drug ‘Lipitor’ I rather take a glass of good red wine. Cheers and to hell with Lipitor.

  13. rene cortina says:

    my cholestoral was 209. and my doctor first thing he said medication crestor. number one is very expensive. i think all i need to exercise and a good diet that I do. and relax. I quite taking 8 months ago crestor and its these numbers.

  14. Roy Lawrence says:

    I stopped taking statins when I was getting aching in my calf muscle. I take Policosanol from sugar cane which lowers bad cholesterol and raises good. I also take omega 3 which helps to make sure cholesterol won’t stick to the arteries and is also anti-inflamatory. I also eat a healthy diet and do interval training and ballroom dancing

  15. Wolf says:

    Rene Cortina I can only advice not to worry. A total cholesterol value of 209 is absolutely normal. A good friend of mine, strong like a bear, became weaker and weaker. He could walk only short distances and did not know what had happened to him. I asked him if he was suffering of any disease taking strong medications. He denied and mentioned that he is only taking Lipitor because of an elevated total cholesterol value of about 230. I informed him that this value is absolutely normal and recommended (what I actually are not allowed to do as I am not a medical doctor) to stop taking Lipitor. He followed this advice and within short time was back to his original strength. Unfortunately too many doctors fall prey to Marketing of ‘Big Pharma’ and the poor patients are paying the price. Take care,

  16. Syed Hasan says:

    I totally agree with Blue Heron.You don’t have to be a scientist to understand managing cholestoral level.It’s a common sense.Take care of it naturally.

  17. Patti says:

    When I was told I had high cholesterol, I ate oatmeal every day for a month or so..it came down. Simple..no drugs..and I will never take them ever. At this point I’m almost afraid to go to a doctor now.

  18. RRN says:

    What are the clinical long term studies of your methods? My cardiologist believes in all “natural” methods but often dies not see the results . I use a blended method of natural and standard drugs to achieve my cholesterol levels. Also, please define what is natural. Thanks.

  19. thanks, have gotten a lot of info from you.

  20. Sharif Butt says:

    All cholestrol lowering drugs and the blood-thiners should be taken with great care and after proper consulation with some renowned Cardiologist. About 200 heart patients have been killed in two weeks in Pakistan in The Spacial Cardiology Hosptal by a new drug given to these patients. Best thing is to change your life style and eating habits. Only Lowering cholestrol will not save you from heart attack.The damage already done by calcification and hardening of the arteries is the main culprit.Switch to fruit and vegitables,dry- fruit like walnuts,almonds and fig. Avoid or reduce carbohydrates,a 30 minute walk in an open space.If you a tv fan, watch ol Tom ad Jery caroons and laugh loudly! Avoid all sort of stress whichis the main culprit of Heart disases!

  21. Retired says:

    At 76 I had my 5th heart attack that I realy knew of, but have had chest pains every day of my life. After my last heart, Dr. put an aortic valve
    in my heart. Had 4 extra veins in my heart which kept me alive. Dr. started
    giving chestrol drugs to keep arteries clean.Drugs had terrible side effects.
    All I take now is rat poison and blood pressure drugs. Feel great.

  22. Olga Richardson Graaf says:

    I amalso a victim of cholestorol I was using all kind of different statines and it was giving me cramps in my legs and caves the latest they gave me was Losartan I stopped it myself Iam trying to walk a lot but ihad hip operation two jears ago and walking is still difficult for me especially here in Europe we have somuch snow and silppery roads I still have lots off pain in my muscules from all those cholestorol medications anyhow I stopped them now bye for now Olga

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