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Too Much Exercise May Boost Arthritis Risk

Elite athletes may be doing their joints a disservice with their intense bouts of practice and competition, according to a report conducted by Swedish scientists at Lund University.

In their research they found that athletes in hard-hitting sports such as football and soccer tended to have an increased risk of osteoarthritis when compared to those that exercised moderately. Knee and hip arthritis were particularly likely to occur in athletes, the study found.

However, the researchers emphasized that any exercise is better than no exercise at all when it comes to combating arthritis risk.

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  1. Interesting…whoever imagined that too much exercise could contribute to osteoarthritis.

  2. I am no authority but I try to do a little exercise each day. ‘No impact’ exercise works best for me (I have rheumatoid arthritis). I have one of those Tony Little Gazzelles and it works really well and seems to help protect my knees and ankles. It measures the distance, time, number of calories burned, and the speed that you walk. I also use hand weights (3 – 5 lbs.)for a routine. I have a Total Gym that I used to use but sometimes its hard on my body. I am a 61 yr. old female.

  3. I too have Tony Little's Gazzelle and it works great and no impact on my knees and feet and helps me at the same time. I have an Ab machine and a pilatie's machine which works something like Tony Little's total gym. I am 63 and just starting using all the equipment. Thanks for your note. I am in Dartmouth, NS.

  4. Just "never stop moving."

  5. I have arthritis in both knees. In my younger days I jogged about 3 miles every other day. Today I power walk, with a jog here and there, the same distance. There are times when I have pain in my joints but I say, "no pain, no gain"!

  6. walk with a backpack,,, work in your garden,,,, get muddy,, hahaha,, stay healthy.

  7. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 33 and was prescribed a lot of aspirin for pain. When I was 53 I gave up aspirin because it had caused leaky gut syndrome and I ached whenever I consumed any of those pesky little allergens, too many to name, but acidic foods were the worst, as was wheat, etc. The pain stopped and I did well until I got osteoarthritis and was put on Celebrex. After a year I was disgusted with the lack of relief and looked to other solutions. THEN I HEARD ABOUT IMMUNOCAL AND I’VE BEEN IN GOOD SHAPE EVER SINCE, FOR SEVEN YEARS. I’M 79 NOW AND IN BETTER SHAPE THAN I WAS AT FIFTY AND TOTALLY PAIN FREE. IT’S THE BEST AND TOTALLY LIVES UP TO ITS CLAIMS. /CH

  8. Genetics can't be changed; moderation in all things.

  9. My Dad is 74 & the doctor diagosed it is the onset of Osteoarthiritis. he is little sceptical to walk as it hurts him. We have to after him saying he should walk to make the muscles free. he is also a diabetic & BP patient for the last 10 yrs. Though both of them are under control. Pls suggest

  10. I've always maintained that moderation is the key…I remember a Sports Medicine Doctor that I worked for telling me that one time.

  11. Are you familiar with Young Living essential oils? They are the best therapeutic grade oils for all types of healing. They work great for all kinds of arthritis pain and healing. I can send you some free information if you are interest.

  12. I suffer from OsteoArthritis for a very long time. I was given paracetemol for the pain & asked me to exercise,I couldn’t really do it because of so much pain. I stopped taking the painkillers long time ago.So now I am taking CoEnzyme Q10 & Collagen in tablet form as they are all natural ingredients.I also use Neem oil for massages.

  13. Would like more info on IMMUNOCAL please…

  14. Millicent O. Gargli

    I don’t what kind of arthritis I have. Whether rheumatoid,Osteo or something else but I sure would like more info on immunocal. Thank you.

  15. Of course.

    If your bones are out of alignment and the ends keep rubbing on each other you’ll get bone (arthro) inflammation (itis). Keeping on pounding the joints that are out of alignment is another example of stupidity – ie doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    The exercises to do are strength and flexibility exercises that get the bones back in better alignment.

    If you’ve got crook hips and knees then swimming and cycling are the right aerobic exercises to prescribe. It would be crazy to run and make the situation worse.


    John Miller

  16. I forgot to add. Arthritis is not caused by a lack of immunocal or glucosamine.

    The pain is telling you to get your body back in better alignment.


  17. I’ve had bad joint pain for 40 or 50 years. About 15 years ago, I had 2 pituitary tumors removed, 2 years apart. In the second operation, the pituitary was damaged and I was put on 5 mg of prednisone for cortisol insufficiency. I still have a lot of arthritis but no pain and no swelling of joints.

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