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Black Tea Fights Diabetes

While many nutritionists espouse the benefits of green tea, its antioxidant-rich cousin — black tea —
often takes a back seat.

However, a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center found
that regular consumers of black tea have significantly lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The researchers pooled together the results form 40 previously-published studies. They found that
those that drank 2-3 cups of black tea daily were less likely to suffer from diabetes and heart disease.

The scientists note that black tea is rich in antioxidants such as flavanoids that help control blood sugar
and protect blood vessels from damage.

A step-by-step way to rid yourself of type 2 diabetes…

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  1. I run on tea so I should live to be 111.

  2. Nicky Wood says:

    As we are a nation of (black) tea drinkers, you would think that we had a very low incidence of heart disease, which of course is far from the case. Premuably then, it only works if you don’t put milk in it but literally drink it black? Ugh!

  3. Locals swear that "mate", widely use in south america, has curative and preventive qualities. Any cientific input ?

  4. Aldo Raffa says:

    Drink illy coffee……

  5. Antonia Farr - Student says:

    Less likely to suffer from diabetes than those not drinkning any tea or those drinking green tea? Now feel a little confussed as to whether drinking green or black tea is best for heart disease or diabetes. I like to drink both and try to drink both each day as I value the addition of the dairy to the black tea for the sake of my calcium intake. However there is only so much fluid you can physically take in given that pure fruit juices and water are also valuable on a daily basis. For this reason and others it still remains of great interest whether green or black tea holds the greatest health benefits. The main message ‘drinking tea is good for you’ I definately go with!

  6. Sardhanan Ghurhoo says:

    I am going to have regular intake of black tea, though taking tablets for type 2 diabetes.

  7. carol says:

    Thank you. I do like black Chai Tea. I do love this web-site.

  8. Gerry says:

    Intresting, but it is a mega-study. It would be better if the sponsor(s) name would also be published. There are so many studies that ‘prove’ one thing or another, but on deeper analysis, it turns out that the sponsor is the provider of the product being tested, and in too many cases, the released results show that the product is ‘good’.

  9. where could I found the black tea I am going to check theses herb stores.

  10. Miriam Domb says:

    maybe they drank g tea unstead of something more harmful.

  11. If you have a Food Lion nearby, Organic black tea is sold there. So is organic green tea.

  12. Patti Cabrera thanks a lot …..

  13. Cody Jones says:

    Lets not think that drinking tea while still continuing to consume all those commmerical foods you’ll get the same benefits.

  14. jan says:

    I like green tea, feel really good drinking it, but why does it make me bloat so much – I have to then stop drinking it – anyone help on this?

  15. Linda says:

    I believe that all natural teas are good for you, as long as there is not additives in them.

  16. Paul Thorne says:

    I drink gallons of English Breakfast Tea every day!

  17. If a person already got type 2 diabetes how does green or black tea help? We all know flavonoids & antioxidents in tea,so does that mean we can still drink it whether we got diabetes or not?

  18. Liz says:

    The older I get, the more I behold the wonders of individuality….I too used to drink copious amounts of green tea, used low salt tamari as a salt substitute, ate organic non GM soy and plenty of ginger – all healthy substances I’m sure you would agree. Then I went to a biochemist/naturopath who gave me all sorts of blood tests and we discovered my body reacted badly to all the above. This further proved to me that there are no one-size-fits-all foods, likewise medicines and any other substance (we also discovered that if I were to have a heart attack I must not be given Warfarin – a standard blood thinner, because it would kill me!!) We must all question ALL foods/supplements and find out if they are OK for us as individuals – not assume because they are ‘healthy’ then they are healthy for us all.

  19. simon says:

    i have grown up drinking black tea as milky tea makes me vomit, if their is health benifits in drinking black tea great’

  20. George Prall says:

    I am giving away free samples of Gourmet Black, Gourmet Mocha, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Hot Chocolate and Organic Green Tea – probably the best in the world. Just let me know which you drink and your address and I will post some out to you.

  21. Thank you for all your good news!! But how if you already got diabetes 2. What happens then if you drink black tea? Do you have to discuss it with your doctor before beginning drinkinging it?

  22. Marlene Mott says:

    I bought the e-book for the steps to correct diabetes 2 and wasn't re-directed to it. Any ideas?

  23. Bren Somers says:

    I have two friends with diabetes 2 and there is no corrections, but there is a diet to keep it under control. And if they don't watch their diet they could run into some dangerous situations, like going blind, getting gangerine etc… would you like me to get the info from my friend, he has had it for about 6 years now.

  24. Larry Weido says:

    My address is P.O. Box 759, Grand Bend Ontario N0M1T0 Canada Larry Weido-love to try your samples-THANKS!

  25. gloria says:

    I recommend drinking Kukicha (Bancha) Tea. Tastes better than Green Tea. Great for indigestion and bloatedness esp after taking oily food.

    Also for diabetes, drink bittergourd juice on alternate days. You can add carrot juice/cucumber juice if you don’t like the bitter taste for a start.
    Try that for 2 weeks and check the results.
    After that, slowly reduce the carrot/cucumber juice

  26. Suthina Palan says:

    wish u cld some 2 me in Msia.

  27. George Prall says:

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  29. George Prall says:

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  30. Ruby Powell says:

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