Did you know that many people have lowered their blood pressure naturally using simple breathing, mind/body and relaxation exercises?

Surprisingly, these exercises often help even if the high blood pressure was not only caused by stress or anxiety.

Want to try it out?

Okay, let me teach you a simple exercise. You can check your blood pressure before you do it, then again after you finish and see if it has improved.

High Blood Pressure Exercise, Step By Step:

1) Sit down comfortable and relax for a few seconds. Inhale deeply and feel how the tension leaves your body as you exhale. Repeat a few times.

2) Now inhale deeply while you count slowly up to six (approximately one count per second).

3) Pause for a couple of seconds, then exhale while you count slowly up to nine (approximately one count per second).

4) Pause for a couple of second before you inhale the same way as before. Then repeat step 2-4 for at least one minute. For best results, breath like this for five to ten minutes.

You can change how high you count while you breath to fit your comfort level. Just make sure you always take 50% longer to exhale than inhale. For example if you count to 10 while you inhale, count to 15 while you exhale.

This was only the beginning…

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