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Exercise Tells Brain to Eat Less, Make Healthier Choices

Exercise may not just help you lose weight by burning excess calories.

According to a study conducted by Harvard University, exercise makes the brain more sensitive to hormones that promote fullness and satiety.

The scientists also note that exercise spurns the brain to opt for healthier eating choices.

Exercise is especially helpful in promoting inhibitory control, a brain function that makes temptations like cookies and cakes less likely to turn into binge eating sessions.

An easy and effective weight loss plan…

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  1. Still cannot kick the chocolate BUT chocolate is good for your brain and body and well-being.

  2. Must be true, because I’ve exercised all my life … and I’m 73 years old … and my weight has not fluctuated more than 10 pounds my entire life! WOW! I didn’t know it was the exercise that kept my brain in gear as well! Must be true, because I NEVER do binge eating … and I’d much rather have a piece of cheese than a cookie:-))

  3. thank’s for the info i’m pleased i’m going in the right direction .

  4. So , the beer, nachos and burgers that I’d kill for after a hard day of skiing are sensible choices? Glad to hear it.

  5. I felt this on myself quite strongly!
    Thank you for the report.

  6. Exercise more or less are giving some benefit, so our brain doesn't want to lose them.

  7. The brain always needs stimulating and I find at 73, cycling 10-12 km's per day maybe leaves me underdone. I seldom eat sugar but find it hard to lose weight on this routine.

  8. We missed you at Xmas. KICC

  9. Yes this information is correct as i swear by this myself after exercise i just want to eat healthy food and feel the benefits,although its a bit difficult this time of year with all the festive food around.

  10. Please stop sending me emails.

  11. Don't kid yourself into thinking you can totally "pig out" just because you exercised for 1 hour a day! Quality and quantity of one's diet is still important…and what better time to modify than NOW?

  12. In fact having a strong will to keep fit encourages the person both to exercise and to eat healthy. But at the same time I agree with the idea that exercises tell the brain to eat good God-given, natural, fresh, delicious foods. ((I have stopped to do work-outs and I have started eating like everybody else, i.e. junks, fatty foods, fries,heaps of rice, little salads etc.)) Thanks. I will think of taking back my good habits.
    It is also said that those who re-start to exercise quit smoking easily. Is this true?

  13. Mignon..I was dressed and ready but my driver did not arrive on time. Hope your day was blissful and rewarding.

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