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One Drink Per Day Keeps Diabetes Away

Those wanting to keep type 2 diabetes at bay should eat healthy, exercise everyday and down alcohol in moderation, according to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this week.

In this study of 80,000 women, those that habitually drank two alcohol servings per week were significantly less likely to develop type 2 diabetes –even those that consumed a diet rich in refined carbohydrates.

Alcohol may influence the way that carbohydrates are metabolized by the body, potentially lowering their impact on blood sugar levels.

A natural way to eliminate diabetes….

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  1. I am very surprised. Worth a try.

  2. This is news to me! The first thing the GP’s asked is whether the patient takes alcohol & advice against it.Your article is saying we can consumme in moderately.Unfortunately I don’t drink,if I do drink what sort of alcohol do you recommend? The article says those who want to keep type 2 diabetes at bay can down in moderately & what about those who already have it eg type 2?

  3. but on the other site kills your brain cell. well are you working for ethanol companies. because I did not see any stupid idea like this.

  4. no I do not believe in drinking alchohol.

  5. does this help those already type 2 diabetic metabolize / lower blood sugar?

  6. and would a red wine on the other hand add too much sugar? Red wine is all I'm likely to drink, being the occasional drinker that I am.

  7. does;nt sound logical cause wine has sugar in it what is their phylocify on this one drink i ok but don’t know about two or more if you have high blood pressure also

  8. My doctor asks if I drink alcohol and if so how many in a week. She suggests no more than 5 for a woman. I have also read in other articles that red wine is good for you.

  9. what if you don’t drink, is there something else you can do?

  10. Lesley Simms Barlow

    what if you are not allowed alcohol is there anything else , I had a drink prob years ago.and darnt start again.

  11. They have been saying for a few years now that a drink a day is good for you – especially red wine.

  12. That alcohol in moderation is better than a diet rich in refined carbohydrates doesn’t seem to be saying much. Presumably the experiment contrasted a low refined carbohydrate diet with alcohol, against a high refined carbohydrate diet without alcohol. The alcohol may have little to do with the result. Alcohol is a refined carbohydrate anyway. The real factor that no one seems to take into account is that those who have a moderate alcohol intake are often happier people than those who are teetotal. And happiness, as everyone knows, is the best possible medicine.

  13. What if you already have diabetes? Will drinking the alcohol help keep your blood sugar levels normal?

  14. Mogan david concord grape juice might work for non drinkers

  15. i was under the impression that alcohol was concetrated sugar. if that is so, alcohol would be very dangerous for diabetic patients.

  16. I am 85. I am still working, and I have no health problems. I was introduced to alcohol by my mother when I was 16, and I have never thought of it as a health risk. Any drink or food is a health risk if you take too much of it. I knew a man who, on reading that milk was healthy, began to drink 8 pints (one gallon) of it per day. The inevitable happened: milk poisoning. How can people be so idiotic?

    Good wine and wonderful English beer (brewed the old way, full of flavour and served at room temperature – please note, you lager lovers) have improved the quality of my life. Nowadays I drink very little, because I don’t need more, but I still enjoy every sip. That’s the answer. Youth slurps, middle age swigs, but old age sips.

  17. hi there a very happy new year

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