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Erectile Dysfunction Treated with New “Shock Therapy”

Men that have tried everything to treat their ED –from little blue pills to stents—have something new to help their condition – sound waves.

The new treatment, known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy, was shown to be especially beneficial to men that have run out of treatment options.

However, the treatment worked well on nearly all ED sufferers in the research study, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

They discovered that approximately 30 percent of research subjects were able to give up drug-based ED treatments after 2-months of the treatment. Importantly, the shock wave therapy was free of side effects –a common issue with ED medications.

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  1. The method is developed in Denmark.

  2. side effect of the Bob Beck zapper is the same thing – stunningly so.

  3. To Mark Bennett
    Can you elaborate regarding your comment on the Bob Beck zapper…. Model, duration, settings, etc.?
    Thank you so much as my patients would appreciate the information.

  4. Where can I find more info on “shock therapy”?

  5. No way! I though I was only getting email info for hypertension! ECSWT? OMG!

  6. I made a post here yesterday and I find it missing!
    Do contact me and even use my day time phone?

    Wayne Eligur Tucson AZ

    PS/ I lived in Beaverton OR next to old Intel 1970s…

  7. I actually bought a Hulda Clarke machine from Healthy Back Inst. @$300.00 and although WAY WAY overpriced I was and am now of huge desperation for some help!
    Should be here today in fact!

  8. I want to know who allowed you to disclose my name and pisture to public? Please do not do that never evr again.

  9. I am going to follow up , who has put my picture of my wife and I on this web site..not happy Jan!

  10. Susie Harvey Leech


  11. What is not explained above… how does one use this sound shock?
    Got some gun to point at the target, just prior to sexual activity?
    Does the male have to see a (an) Urologist for clinical procedures… frequently?
    Does the male have to strip for this procedure?

  12. Found another site that explained in full detail… NEEDLES! Not going to happen!

  13. Where can I get more information regarding shock therapy?

  14. Doing some research… This SHOCK Treatment still involves the use of needles which increase the instance of deadly infection. Any disruption (needles) of the accini nodules (that are the production factor in the prostate) kills that cell disrupted via a needle, they are organic in nature and once violated they decay, which causes infection and then more visits to your urologist = MONEY! And having tubes (whatever) run up the urethra AND anus, is twice as disruptive (MENtally) as just the rectal violation.
    I'm trying to create a new device, which will of course be disavowed by the urologic group, because it will cut back on their office visits… UNLESS they can see where it will benefit them to adopt this less violating (MENtal) device which is still inserted rectally, but uses NO NEEDLES and doesn't require scalpels; it will provide a clean, direct sampling of prostatic fluids, to send to a lab, to either, clear tha patrient, or confirm that further more dangerous tests are required. I'm a BPH patient and have been since 1985. Some men have the enlarged prostate and it eventually KILLS them… some have this for life and nothing else goes wrong, still more have BPH that comes and goes. We are all different, and our afflictions are as diverse as manhood itself. Always find out more than the "innocent claims", when something like this comes about… they are seldom innocent in application. Mind you I'm not disclaiming the effectiveness of this process… just make sure you don't find out AFTER… that there was more to this than written.

  15. When I was growing up, one of the names for Mr. Wiggly was ROD; I never thought about lightning rod.

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