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Cutting Down on Salt Worsens Cholesterol

Adding fuel to the white hot debate over the nation’s current salt recommendations, a study published in the most recent edition of the American Journal of Hypertension has discovered that limiting salt intake increases blood cholesterol in certain people.

This study is part of a growing trend in nutrition science that suggests the large amount of salt in most people’s diets may not be as harmful as once thought.

In the study, those that suddenly cut down on their total salt intake found their blood cholesterol rise by about 2.5%. For those with borderline-high cholesterol, this 2.5% pushed them into the so-called cholesterol “danger zone” – upping their risk of heart attacks and strokes.

21-days to lower cholesterol…

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  1. Wayne Milton says:

    That's good to hear. I'll take another Salt Lick block for Christmas.

  2. Jonathan Cox says:

    Its only processed salt that is bad for you..sea salt is rich in minerals.

  3. Very confusing, that's all I can say.

  4. one day eat this! one day eat that! this will kill you , today! tommorow it will save you! what the hells going on?

  5. nancy sigrist says:

    really enjoy reading your very knowledgeable and informative subjects on the different aspects of health. thanks alot.

  6. Joseph Ludvigson says:

    I have high cholesterol and no plaque in my arteries. How? For 35 years I took Dr. Carey Reams advice and consumed distilled water at the rate of 4 ounces each half hour. He taught that excess salt in the body causes cholesterol to stick to artery walls. Distilled water stops this by washing out excess salt, as it is the only water that is salt free.

  7. My goodness… you honestly do not know who to believe! I say, just be damn happy, eat in moderation and live your life. Everyone eventually kicks the bucket, regardless!

  8. Dennis says:

    we do not know what to believe these days,I just listen, do what you have been
    doing should be save, moderation.



  10. Sharon Kay Settle says:

    The reason for this has always been what happens when a food industry tells you something real is bad for you to get us to eat their modified, cheaper product. Then that always turns out to poison us in some way.

  11. Sharon Kay Settle says:

    Confused is exactly how big food corporations want you. Just eat the least modified things you can find. Sea salt vs. table salt, real dairy vs. low fat, etc.

  12. Have used minimal salt all my life, will increase it fractionally. Are "Himalayan" and "Celtic" salts not NaCl?

  13. Joan says:

    Have avoided salt intake for more than ten yrs.

    My cholesterol count is way below 5%.

  14. Ronnie Plant says:

    Read my new book ‘SELLING SICKNESS!’, How to take Control of Your Own Health, ISBN 978-0-9551051-8-0 to learn about the scam of cholesterol and statins. The invented so called ailment which is cholesterol is not a disease,sickness,disability or sign of ill-health. In early days of touting statins a level of eight was considered to be acceptable. Over the years the reading was reduced to seven, then six and a half and by halves to four as the statin manufacturers filled their coffers, rubbing their hands with glee. Now it has been discovered that the vital Conenzyme Q10, so necessary to the system, is being destroyed by the chemical, the result being that nobody knows what is a safe cholesterol level,also disconcerting revelations are coming into the open about the side-effects and problems with statins.

  15. Now i know why my cholestrol went up after my doctor told me to cut down on my salt. Good news cheers

  16. I've been told that my son is allergic to the chemical in table salt that keeps it free-flowing. What that chem is and why I don't know.

  17. I'm just confused. What is up with these times? We may as well not eat anything it will kill us. What a lot of crap.

  18. Bronwen Dodson says:

    I am getting SO frustrated with this. I am a diet and exercise control diabetic for over 10 years and I NEVER know what is good and what is not as it changes day by day. Its as bad as the pharmaceutical companies and I am giving up taking notice!

  19. Mary says:

    I am not sure who is correct on the salt thing. I use my own judgment in the meantime and do have some salt.

    I started adding a little sea salt to my cooked cereal in the morning as well.

    I agree about the cholesterol scam of big pharma. Cholesterol is REQUIRED by our bodies for us to stay alive. Statin drugs are not.

  20. Patrick Loh says:

    After changing from using table salt to sea or mountain salt I no longer wake up with a dry mouth or throat.

  21. Ae tika tuahine nga paihana a te pakeha gimme a boil up any day wit miiti moomona

  22. Rob says:

    Please provide the link to the American Journal or post copy.

  23. Aldo Raffa says:

    You right Julia, I feel exactly the same.

  24. I understand Sea Salt is actually Good for you. Table salt is not. So, go figure that one. I'm going to get Sea Salt in any case.

  25. Irene Lakin says:

    Buy Himalayan or Celtic salt crystals and use a grinder. Full of good minerals and tastes so much better than the yukky poisonous Iodised table salt.

  26. Blair Gilmore says:

    I enjoy reading your health news. There is much we are not told by those who want to monopolise our health. Keep up your good work. Thanks

  27. Christine Hall BSc says:

    The problem is the refined salt that has had ALL the vital minerals taken out, real Sea Salt that has not been tampered with and is actually greyish in colour has 98 of all the minerals our bodies need and virtally matches the blood. White Table Salt is not good for us, just as refined White Sugar is also poison to us.

    We need balance within the body and refined foods are what causes diseases and once the immune system is weakened by these toxins within the body, then the parasites take over causing disease.



  28. Antonia Farr - Student at Christchurch University Canterbury says:

    I love the articles and information on this site. I dont doubt that they are well researched too. However as I am a student I have been taught to study the original research. Yes I would read them too (I’m a student – its what I do) and this would allow me to be sure that I would agree with your findings and therefore add weight to it for me. So please could you post links to major research. I know not everyone would choose to follow them but the choice would be much appreciated. This would deepen my concrete knowledge for both myself, my familly and anyone else I would pass the advice on to.

  29. Jerry Andrews says:

    The renowned Dr. Michael Schachter (MD) of Suffern, NY recommends UNREFINED Celtic sea salt as well as eating three soft boiled eggs a day for proper protein. He has been doing so for years with no problem!

  30. Doris Smith says:

    I understand, a little sea salt in the system is not all so harmful, I wouldn't mind a little more info….

  31. Mildred Mele says:

    Wonderful informative & smart common sense articles…love them all…keep on sharing & God’s blessings!

  32. Hi Seamus, while sea salts are predominantly NaCl, they also contain MgCl,and a host of other minerals in the precise ratio one finds in healthy human cells. We like the taste of salt for a reason, and have been misled into cravings by the companies that chemically extract the "good" out of it (we crave the missing nutrients, and our bodies think we'll get them when we taste salt).

  33. John Butters says:

    As with earlier comments I respect and appreciate your regular Health news;
    however, this article reminds me of someething I would read in the Daily Mail. Where, as you may know, they have reported, from time to time, on the benefits of Tea, Coffee, Eggs, Red Wine, Beer and other consumables, including salt, only to subsequently report on the potential dangers. That said I’ll stick to my current regime with regard to the minimum use of salt, which I have followed for the last fifty, or so, years. Trusting you won’t find this tasteless, I look forward to your further reports. Thankyou.

  34. Andrea Adams says:

    I only use himilayan salt these days or sea salt.and avoid the restespecially table salt! I put in a pinch in with my drinking water/sports drink instead of sports drinks, heaps better for you plus youre getting trace minerals as well as replacing what you lose in sweat.

  35. i've gor pink himalayan salt.. lovely spirit..

  36. Sea salt is good. I've used it for a long time…

  37. Wendy Roberts says:

    You guys are just kidding yourselves that sea salt is “just fine”and good for you.

    It isn’t. It is 99.9% sodium chloride ie very nearly pure salt.

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