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Alzheimer’s, Snoring and Sleep Apnea Connection

Alzheimer’s is most often considered an incurable and unavoidable disease. Many of us have helplessly watched loved ones experience this painful condition, steadily degenerating the person’s functionality and personality.

Recent studies have, however, connected Alzheimer’s to a couple of very unexpected co-conspirators, snoring and sleep apnea. And by drawing some common sense conclusions, researchers have come up with a method that may help EVERY Alzheimer’s patient to not only stop this horrible disease but maybe also reverse it to some level.

What’s even more important, this gives hope that Alzheimer’s may be totally prevented from developing in the first place.

This full-featured article is especially important if you or someone close to you snores. Please read on and make your comment at the end of the article.

Finding the Cause of Alzheimer’s

Our story begins in British Colombia University a few years back. Researchers came up with this crazy idea to test how oxygen deprivation on mice affected their memory. For 6 months, the mice only received about 40% of the oxygen they normally did for 16 hours per day. The rest of the day they could breathe normally.

They didn’t have to wait long to see for sure that the mice suffering oxygen deprivation had very diminished brain and memory function. They couldn’t find their way through a simple maze or complete other tasks normal mice could.

This was maybe no big surprise, but there was another thing researchers didn’t expect to find. After six months, these middle-aged mice (mice usually live for around 12 – 24 months) had developed twice as many beta-amyloid plaques as normal mice their age. These plaques are similar to the plaques that cause Alzheimer’s in humans.

A study conducted a couple of years later by Chicago’s Feinberg School of Medicine supported the view that long lasting lack of blood delivery to the brain may be the main underlying cause of Alzheimer’s.

Several other studies have linked various conditions that reduce the blood flow up to the brain to increased risk of Alzheimer’s. This includes, among others, migraine, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and neck injuries. For improved brain health, it’s essential to address these issues.

Connection Between Alzheimer’s and Sleep Apnea

There is, however, one condition that has a higher connection to Alzheimer’s than any other, and that is sleep apnea. According to a study published in the November, 2008 edition of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 70-80% of those who had Alzheimer’s, also suffered sleep apnea. WOW… almost 4 out of 5 people!

Notably, the researchers did not conclude if it was the Alzheimer’s that caused the sleep apnea or the other way around.

Sleep apnea is a condition where person stops breathing for a few seconds, sometimes up to a minute, several times per night. This deprives the brain of 80% of normal oxygen throughout the night. There are examples of people going into a coma and even dying from sleep apnea. That’s how serious it is.

And since the brain takes 20-40% of all oxygen you inhale, you see that any lack will directly affect your brain function.

Most common treatment of sleep apnea is the use of the CPAP breathing machine that helps deliver oxygen to the lungs. So in 2011, researchers at the University of California, San Diego built on the previous research and applied CPAP machines to 52 Alzheimer’s patients who also suffered sleep apnea. In a matter of weeks, the patient’s nerve, brain and behavior function improved drastically during the day.

Note that CPAP is not a cure for Alzheimer’s but it has been shown to help pretty much everyone to improve this condition.

I’m very much afraid that we’re far away from curing Alzheimer’s in later stages. My concern is to help people improve the early stages of the condition and hold it back to some level. But even more importantly, I think it’s possible to totally avoid developing Alzheimer’s and reverse it at the earliest stages.

Where Snoring Comes in

This brings us to the issue of Sleep Apnea and its connection to snoring.

One of the most obvious symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring. Most people who suffer sleep apnea also snore pretty loudly.

Normal snoring is not as serious as sleep apnea. I believe, however, that all snoring should be taken seriously. You see, snoring is always caused by some kind of blockage in the breathing passages. This creates pressure that vibrates the soft tissues in these passages, creating the irritating snoring sound.

Whereas sleep apnea creates a complete blockage of the breathing passages several times per night, normal snoring creates a partial block. This is, however, enough to drastically reduce the amount of oxygen you receive throughout the night. This is also an indicator that you’re not breathing effectively throughout the day, either. The blockage doesn’t disappear during the day, you just manage it better.

Remember that the mice in the Alzheimer’s study didn’t develop plaque overnight. It built up in their brain after months of relatively mild oxygen deprivation. The same thing may be happening with you or someone you love if you don’t breathe effectively enough day and night.

This is on top of the fact that the oxygen level in most cities today is much lower than it used to be only 50 years ago.

The most effective natural method to cure snoring and sleep apnea naturally is our Stop Snoring Exercise Program. It includes easy exercises that have helped thousands of people to stop snoring in as little as 3 minutes per day. Learn more about the Stop Snoring Exercise Program here

Several of our other programs address the issue of lack of oxygen in the body. Our migraine and headache program helps directly deliver oxygen up to the brain (there is close connection between migraine and Alzheimer’s). Our Weight Loss Breeze program increases oxygen delivery throughout the body. And our High Blood Pressure Program and Cholesterol Guide obviously help with arteries and oxygen-rich blood delivery throughout the body.

We will also be re-launching our Alzheimer’s and dementia guide soon. This guide focuses entirely on the issue of bringing much-needed oxygen to the brain. Keep an eye out for announcement early 2012.

I’ll love to hear your thoughts and input on this serious issue. Please leave comments below…

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  1. Neil Kantor says:

    As a naturopathic doctor, and former published NASA physicist I want to say that you have to be very careful with "statistics" in implicating disorder factors. Other factors related to Alzheimer's are Aluminum Toxicity (which it is claimed has been cleared – NO),,, and Fluoride, which strongly binds to Aluminum, and which also greatly diminishes Thyroid activity and other destructive enzyme damage. As far as a connection with Decreased Oxygen, I would like your comments on the Ongoing Aerial Aerosol Spray operations over most of the US. And yes, they ARE real. There is a VERY high level of Aluminum,(oxide) and Barium stearate (as toxic as Arsenic) in these "Chemtrails." (call them what they are unashamedly). They are the SINGLE MOST detrimental environmental pollutant now seriously damaging the health of BILLIONS. Research where even little creatures like Mice are deprived of Oxygen I find absolutely unnecessary and ridiculous. Anyone who cannot envision scientific research without damaging even the smallest creatures is a monster first and a "scientist" second. It is this whole approach, this attitude, which lends itself to the so pervasive Corruption and anti-scientific model which we now see and which promotes the most ridiculous "global warming" nonsense while being Totally Blind or too Cowardly to stand up to the Chemtrail Spray DePopulation Agenda. This may seem Off Topic to you, but really it isn't. Add to this the Gwen Towers, HAARP, etc. bombarding us with MicroWave Radiation 24 hours each day,,, and you will see a REAL problem for restful sleep, and more damage to bilions. It's time now for Humanity to wake up to what the Owners are doing to us, mostly below most people's Radar, but extremely harmful nonetheless. What you Don't Know CAN hurt you. I value what you say about Sleep Apnea – it IS a real problem – but in the Scheme of Things, let's face it – it is Fluff. Time to focus on Extinction Level Problems – Fukushima (yes it's still here and WORSE than most can dream – The Gulf of Mexico is DYING – this will, along with the ocean pollution from Fukushima, may end ALL LIFE in the Earth's Oceans – NO EXAGGERATION…WIth Eyes Open and Sticking Together it's now time to stand up to the Psychopaths who are destroying the world. A place to start is by realizing that "animal research" (even on little creatures like mice) really has no place in REAL SCIENCE. WHo in the WORLD needs a "study" to understand that Sleep Apnea deprives the brain of Oxygen and Oxygen Deprivation of the Brain will cause diminished Function? WHO? Please….These "scientists" are the ones who, as little kids, fried bugs with their Magnifying Glasses…for Crissakes, Humanity – Childhood's End – time to WAKE UP!

  2. Jessica Whisker says:

    well said

  3. MaryLu Tosi says:

    I believe that you exercises for dizziness will also deliver more oxygen and improve snoring and apnea.

  4. MaryLu Tosi says:

    ,Again, I believe that your exercises for dizziness will deliver more oxygen, help snoring and sleep apnea. I have been doing them foe awhile and find that I breathe easier.

  5. Lynn blatta says:

    As a reflexologist I get to talk to a lot of people. One client had
    Sleep Apnea so bad that her husband thought she had died.
    She did what the Dr. said but could not stand the mask due to claustafobia.
    She went to an alternate health provider and he recommended Co Q10 with amazing results. She has no problem now.
    My husband and I discovered that when we went on the Atkins diet with the hope that it would work on his blood pressure issues [it did]almost immediately we stopped snoring and my husband no longer had the apnea.
    Since we are back on a regular diet the snoring and the apnea are back.
    We have not gained back the 50 lbs we both lost. So thought it was getting
    flour and Sugar out of our diet?
    We did purchase all your products when you had a special on and now need to get at the exercises.
    My husband’s blood pressure issues are back and medication from the DR. and homeopathic drops from the Chiropractor have not worked to any extent. The DR. want to give more and more drugs and when tried do not help.

  6. Darrell Jones says:

    I have been on an APAP machine for 12 years. I even use it for naps. What has been found as to individuals that have been on a PAP machine for several years. According to my doctor I do not have early Alzeimer’s but at 73 I am interested in knowing and doing all I can to prevent it.

  7. Paul Richardson says:

    I was interested in your article title “Alzheimer’s, Snoring and Sleep Apnea Connection”. But would that not be for untreated apnea, as treatment such as CPAP control loss of air flow and any consequential oxygen loss?

    thanks, Paul

  8. Very interesting article, i do snore quite a bit.

  9. Anita Baker says:

    I hope this break through will soon be of use to many.

  10. dana says:

    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea earlier this year. I had problems with snoring, memory loss and weight gain. Since I have been using the CPAP, my blood pressure has gone down, I have been able to lose the extra weight I had put on and my thinking has been less scatty. I wanted to confirm that people who snore and put on weight without due reason, should be tested for sleep apnea. It is interesting to know the connection with Alzheimers and made me glad I caught it in time

  11. I hope this research rapidily contributes to a cure for Alzheimers!

  12. Malie Grove says:

    Help is coming for many!

  13. I’m very infested in the article on snoring and Aliheize disease. My mother died from the disease. I wish to become an advocate on this issue, because my wish is that no one experice what my mother did. Although she didn’t suffer in the end and according to the doctors they didn’t understand how well she was functioning according how bad her brain was according to the CT scam. Please keep me posted on this illness.

  14. John Mgoja says:

    What are the early symptoms of Alzheimer?

  15. Cornel Dudt says:

    Passing it on before I forget! Seriously, it is a very interesting article.

  16. sylvia gaskell says:

    my husband has parkinsons disease with lewy body – he has always had very bad sinus problems and snores. his nose seems to be continually blocked and has recently stopped snoring which indicates he is suffering from lack of oxygen. I would be interested to find out more and if anyone has the same problem with lewy body dementia.

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