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Lowering Blood Sugar Lows Brain Health Problems

Too much blood sugar is bad for the brain, according to a research team from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre. In this study, adults with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes had significantly higher levels of two proteins –known as sVCAM and sICAM – that impair brain function and promote brain cell death.

The scientists note that adults with diabetes that keep blood sugar under wraps may be doing a favor for their brains –significantly reducing their risk of Alzheimer’s, depression and cognitive decline.

Lower blood sugar naturally – for type 2 diabetics- in just 21 short days

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  1. My present age is 70 years suffering from type 2 diabetes few months back my reading use to 5.8 or 6.0 but now for the last one month my reading has increased t0 7.2 to 7.8.

    medication for diabetes: metformin 500mg x 2 daily
    pioglitazone 30mg x 1 daily

    my diet is as usual do not understand reason of my diabetes increase?

    Please advice, thanks

  2. How to control blood sugar. What is good control.

  3. one time yeaars ago my nother had the same problem and i told her to take her meds every other day for awhile then it worried me if i was doing the right thing and asked the doctor and he said i did the right thing my thinking was that if you take the same meds every day for a long time they build up in your system so taper off for awhile it worked for her.

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