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Dropping Pounds Key to Preventing Knee Arthritis

Research presented at this week’s American College of Rheumatology annual conference in Chicago notes that losing a moderate amount of weight can mean big pain relief to sufferers of knee arthritis.

The study compared rates of knee arthritis in the 1990’s and the 10-year span of 2000 to 2010. In addition to finding out that a low BMI reduced knee pain, they also discovered that knee osteoarthritis is affecting younger people more than ever before. The researchers note that just a moderate 5-10 percent loss of body weight can result in upwards of a 50% increase in mobility and a significant drop in pain levels.

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  1. awesome idea 10% of 190 is 19 would put me at 171 perfect. Thanks dr. heron.

  2. Fadoju Temmy says:

    Does smoking cause this arthritis.

  3. Nicky Wood says:

    Although I am not convinced I have arthritis in my left knee (I think its partially a ligament problem)this is what has been diagnosed – with no suggestions for management by the osteopathic consultant. There was pain going up and worse pain going down stairs, pain if I lunged forwards (playing tennis)or squatting and often pain when changing gear whilst driving. Over the past five months I have lost 1st 4lbs dropping from 11st 4lbs to just under 10st. I would like to lose another 4-5 lbs. I am 5ft6″ so this would be a good weight for me. Quite apart from feeling more energetic, being able to run up the stairs withough getting breathless, etc, my knee pain has lessened considerably. I no longer ‘hop’ down the stairs holding onto the bannister and I can’t remember when I last felt pain changing gear. The lungeing is different – I do still feel it but can get lower before it kicks in. As arthritis tends to start in middle age, this is also when we tend to put on a few extra pounds, so maybe there is a link. I certainly feel there is in my case and I am waiting to see if losing a few more pounds will have a further beneficial effect. Coincidentally, my plantar faciitis has also further improved and has almost disappeared – but I would stress that I have also been doing a lot of stretching over the past two years, so I can’t say whether its the stretches or the weight loss. Just adding it in for extra measure! PS my losing weight did not involve cutting out dairy although I hardly eat cheese any more but do still have milk and butter every day and I know this is supposed to be bad for arthritis.

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