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These High Blood Pressure Natural Treatments are Easy and Free

It’s common knowledge that working out helps manage and reduce high blood pressure levels. A new study conducted by scientists at North Carolina’s Appalachian State University found that early-morning exercise was most effective at dropping high blood pressure.

In the study a group of adults with hypertension were asked to exercise at three different times of the day: 7am, 1pm or 7pm. The researchers found that those that got their workout in in the morning dropped their blood pressure by 10 percent –an effect that remained throughout the entire day. The scientists added that adequate sleep is a must for the 7am workout sessions to be effective.

Simple exercises that drastically drop blood pressure…

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  1. I love all your emails, I have high blood presure and am 51 years old. I do 6 clinical researh studies per year with novum here in las vegas. With 14.3 unemployment rate it puts food in the mouth of my kids!!!!! Every time I click on the three simple exercises at 7am it does go to a sight that has these exersies for free. Evry thing with you is about $$$$$$$$ which I don’t have that’s why I do studys for money could you please email these simple exersies so I can make money to feed my kids. I take a water pill but it doesn’t lower it thanks mark brown

  2. Good Article but I need more information on exercise for high BP

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