Stress can take many forms. The image that is conjured for most people when they hear the word “stress” is someone with ragged facial expression as a screaming boss or broken down vehicle lurks in the background.  Or, it might be a harried parent trying to keep the day together despite a never-ending list of needed-it-yesterday needs of the family and work.

However, even if you lived on a beautiful tropical island with servants doting on you and your every need met, you are still going to have stress.

The stress referred to in the beginning of this piece is environmental and to some degree psychological.  The stress referred to just now is the kind no human is immune to- biological.

Every person living in the world is going to experience illness or a physiological process that is the opposite of perfect physical balance.

The perfect physical balance that the body would love to experience is pure homeostasis- the right combination of hydration, oxygen, nutrition, genetics, and protection from disease that guarantees all systems in the body will work perfectly.


But we live in the real world, and unfortunately for most people that involves nutritional deficiencies, genetic anomalies, polluted living conditions, and creepy little microbes.

The only people who can say they are immune from all these problems are actually not doing a whole lot of talking these days, because their funerals have already occurred.  For the rest of us, it’s basically a life of damage control.

Disease can take many forms and can range in severity of complications from mildly noticeable to extremely life-threatening.  Minimizing the damage, therefore, takes on a life of its own depending upon the disease process and what all is affected.

I hear from people all the time who ask about my program for reducing blood pressure naturally, and any other natural remedy.  They wonder about its effectiveness since their blood pressure isn’t due to ‘stress,’ but rather a problem with one of their organs or some systemic problem.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the systemic problem is what’s creating the stress.  An increase in blood pressure is a natural side effect to any kind of insult on the body, whether it is illness or injury.  Chronic insult, such as that which occurs as an ongoing disease process like kidney or liver impairment, will cause a stubborn hypertension issue.

Let me be clear on one thing here, though.  Programs that naturally reduce blood pressure actually have great impact even in the face of another disease process, but they don’t do anything to combat the disease itself.

In many cases the need for medication or surgery to manage or cure that disease (such as the case of some cancers, etc.) is still going to be present and necessary, but a complimentary approach will still be better than a one-sided attack on the disease.

Complimentary approaches, such as adding in alternative health measures, have been shown throughout most of the 20th century and especially now in the 21st, to be extremely effective at beating back the coexisting negative side effects of many disease processes.

Therapeutic massage, guided visualization, herbs, heck…even laugh therapy…have all been shown over many hundreds of clinical trials to propel the sufferer into a much healthier place as compared to their meds-only counterparts.

If you are struggling with chronic disease that is causing a number of other dangerous issues such as hypertension, I would encourage you to keep doing what you are doing now…read. Read up on everything you can to make sure you have as much information as possible so you can be a key player in your own health care team.

This will make the difference in the success you will see when you are combating high blood pressure as a part of your disease process.

And when you are ready to naturally eliminate the stress that is causing hypertension, no matter what its source, then you are ready to try my natural program for reducing blood pressure naturally. Give it a try today and start feeling better right now.