I have a friend whom I would describe as beautiful (both inside and out), funny, smart articulate and who possesses other great intangible qualities.

She was not always as comfortable hearing such compliments such as the above as she is now.

When my wife or I would give her a compliment, it always seemed to be answered with several reasons why the compliment was not deserved. My wife finally said, “Just say ‘thanks’ and leave it at that.”

Unfortunately, the bad stuff is much easier to believe. In fact, when I asked my friend to describe herself, she drew a blank. It was only when I asked her how her friends would describe her that she was able to come up with a decent description of herself.

Having low self esteem or a low opinion of one’s self could happen for a number of reasons. Usually one can see a pattern start in childhood or adolescence. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long hearing or thinking repeated negative comments about one’s self to start the low self esteem plunge.

If one does not have consistent praise or a feeling of worth, it can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.

Over time, stress alone can lead to health concerns such as high blood pressure. High blood pressure, left untreated, can lead to heart attack, stroke, blindness or other organ disease such as kidney disease.

If one adds in the unhealthy habits associated with anxieties, depression and stress, the physical toll is that much more exacerbated. Consider than many with low self esteem tend to over eat (bad for the heart, not to mention type 2 diabetes).

Alcohol and drug use also go hand in hand with low self esteem. We try to create our own “happy place” with the help of mind altering drugs. For many, this becomes an addiction.

Noticing how kind my friend was to her friends (including me) and how she always had something positive to say about each and every one of us, I asked her if it weren’t possible for her “talk” to herself as if she were talking to a friend.

She made the joke, “so I am to lie to myself? ‘No, you don’t look fat in that outfit.’ Who would I be kidding?” She went through the motions anyway because she respected my opinion.

While at first she found it silly, she did start to notice that when she focused on making positive comments about herself, her attitude improved as well as her self esteem. She started to care about herself and her health.

She suggested that she wanted to join a gym for years but wouldn’t go until she lost weight. She was too embarrassed to be seen working out while being overweight.

Knowing that’s a cycle that is rarely broken, I suggested that she try my all natural Weight Loss Breeze program. The program is easy to start and best of all it works. Losing weight helped my friend to understand that she was worthy of being healthy and staying that way. I highly encourage you to try it today!

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