Did you know that Diabetes among the most common diseases in the world?

Staggering number of people, close to 165 million worldwide are known to have diabetes. Although methods to detect diabetes can be traced as back as 80 years, a permanent remedy is yet to be discovered. While most folks just learn to accept their condition, record suggest that many type 2 diabetics are able to reverse their condition using natural resources.

Diabetes Explained

Diabetes is the condition of excessive blood sugar levels. This occurs because:

  • The body is unable to produce sufficient insulin. The condition is referred as Diabetes Type I
  • Body cells are unable to use insulin properly. The condition is referred as Diabetes Type II

Patients can have both the above conditions simultaneously. Certain conditions, such as Gestational Diabetes give an indication of impending Diabetes Type II. Gestational Diabetes is the condition of high sugar level in pregnant women.

This article mostly addresses the issue of type 2 diabetes.

Importance of Insulin

When we eat food, it is broken into simpler components, such as glucose, that our body cells require for energy and growth. Pancreas releases insulin, which, in turn, helps our body cells in absorbing insulin properly to ensure that the sugar levels do not shoot up excessively. But in a diabetic person, because either pancreas fail to release ample amount of insulin or body cells are unable to absorb glucose properly, the sugar level in the blood shoots up excessively.


Common signs of diabetes are:

  • Increased hunger
  • Increased urination
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Increased thirst

While the symptoms in Diabetes Type I are noticeable within weeks or months of the development of the condition, Type II symptoms develop slowly, making it essential to have blood sugar levels checked routinely.

The condition of diabetes adversely affects the cell growth and duplication, protein synthesis, and storage of fat in the human body. Inability of body cells to absorb glucose properly leads to poor cell growth and duplication, while poor protein synthesis and storage of fat occur because liver and muscles fail to store glucose properly.

As mentioned earlier, diabetes as of now is considered incurable. All a diabetic patient can do is keep blood sugar level at an acceptable level. In cases, when the insulin production is very low or absent the patient is given insulin injections.

Correct diet plays an important role in diabetes management. By adhering to a diabetic diet, patients can keep the sugar level in the blood within acceptable limits.

Many natural methods such as specific diets, herbs and exercises have been very effective in helping type 2 diabetics, to learn more about some of those natural approaches, check out our type 2 diabetes guide.