What looked seemingly impossible a decade back is now a reality – blood pressure can be controlled without using medications. Well… this feat was achieved in the year 2005 with the development of a cell phone size implantation.

This implant device is nothing short of a boon for hypertension patients who are unable to tolerate convention medications and for those patients who didn’t receive much success using conventional medical approaches for hypertension.

Implant surgery and its working

The implant which is of same size as a cell phone is surgically inserted under the skin near the collarbone. This surgery normally takes about 2 to 3 hours. Two wires run from the implant device to the right and left carotid arteries in the neck.

The implant device works like a pacemaker and sends electrical signals to the human brain whenever the device records elevated blood pressure and the brain, in turn, instructs the body to reduce the heart rate, release fluids from the kidney, and open blood vessels to lower the blood pressure.

Case of Annette Lawrence

Annette Lawrence is a high blood pressure patient whose blood pressure nearly all the time used to be in excess of 200. When Annette Lawrence was 37 years old, she went for the implant, and her situation since has improved for good. While giving an interview, Lawrence confessed that before the implant, doing every day task, such as getting out of bed was a struggle, and now after the implant she is fitter than ever before.

Dr. Karl Illig, Annette Lawrence’s vascular surgeon too acknowledges that the implant device has done wonders in controlling the blood pressure of his patient. Dr. Karl Illig said that while Lawrence’s blood pressure records as 175/104 when the device is turned off, the blood pressure quickly decreases to normal when the device is turned on.

While the implant device is highly effective in controlling blood pressure in hypertension patients on whom conventional treatments haven’t worked, exercise and healthy diet still remains an important way of controlling  high blood pressure.

Avoid food that are rich in sodium content and ones that contain trans-fat. Instead, include foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, brown rice, oats, beet juice in your diet to control, as well as prevent hypertension.

Also, exercise regularly to reduce hardening of the arteries and improve the blood flow. Research shows that exercise and healthy diet reduces the risk of hypertension significantly.

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