Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease? Eat a Sweet FruitNonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is mostly caused by two things:

1) Eating fatty foods
2) Eating sweets that are then turned into fat

So, a new study in the journal Foods comes as a surprise.

It reveals one delicious, sweet fruit that counteracts the effects of a fatty diet on the liver and helps heal NAFLD.

A research team from New York and Massachusetts wanted to know whether grapes could ameliorate the damage caused by a typical Western high-fat diet. They performed their study on mice.

At 11 weeks of age, the mice were put on one of four diets:

1. A standard diet
2. A standard diet supplemented with 5% grape powder
3. A high-fat diet
4. A high-fat diet supplemented with 5% grape powder

After eating these diets for 13 weeks, the mice were euthanized so that the researchers could remove their livers and conduct a thorough series of tests.

What did they find?

1. The mice on the high-fat diet had a lot more liver fat and liver cell damage than those on the high-fat diet supplemented with grape powder.

2. The grape powder prevented oxidative damage in the livers and other body tissue of the mice.

3. The grape powder turned on 14 genes responsible for fat transport and processing, while turning off other genes responsible for the production of fat and cholesterol.

In an additional study, the researchers proved that mice who were fed a high-fat diet supplemented with grape powder lived longer than those who were fed a high-fat diet without the supplement. The researchers estimated that the difference in lifespan translated to 4 or 5 years in a human life.

The most peculiar finding was that the mice on the high-fat diet with grape powder were still overweight, indicating that the grape supplement was able to combat NAFLD regardless of body weight.

But, of course, the grapes were only able to lessen the severity of NAFLD, not cure it.

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