Terrifying Psoriasis And Alzheimer's ConnectionPsoriasis is supposedly a skin disease.

Alzheimer’s is supposedly a brain disease.

What could be their connection?

Very simple and clear connection says a new research published in the Journal Scientific Reports.

And the same approach works to eliminate both.

The study was led by a scientist from the Catholic University of Korea in Seoul.

The study mined the Korean national health insurance system and found 535,927 patients who had been diagnosed with psoriasis and 2,679,635 patients without psoriasis with whom to compare them.

Their complete medical records were available, and they were specifically chosen because they had all undergone at least three medical examinations between 2008 and 2014.

During the follow-up period of approximately 3.35 years, 61,520 of the subjects developed Alzheimer’s disease, but the psoriasis and non-psoriasis groups differed significantly.

50,209 cases of Alzheimer’s disease occurred in the non-psoriasis group, constituting 1.87 percent of them. In comparison, the psoriasis group suffered 11,311 Alzheimer’s cases, constituting 2.11 percent of their group.

After crunching the numbers, they concluded that psoriasis patients were 9 percent more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than their peers.

Another interesting finding emerged when they compared psoriasis sufferers whose systemic inflammation was being treated with those whose inflammation was left to run unchecked.

When compared with people without psoriasis, those with psoriasis had a 10 percent greater chance of developing Alzheimer’s than those without it.

This means that the inflammation is the problem.

From the previous research they reviewed, the authors described how inflammatory conditions like psoriasis spread inflammation to the nervous system and explained that inflammation of the nervous system was one large contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease.

The solution is, therefore, to lower the amount of inflammation in your body to combat both your psoriasis and the Alzheimer’s that might lead from it.

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