Cut Risk of Dying from Any Disease by 50% in 20 Minutes It’s unbelievable that something as simple as this 20- to 40-minute daily routine can lower your risk of dying from virtually any disease by 50%.

A new study from George Washington University in Washington, DC, proves that people who did this one thing were twice as likely to be alive at the age of 80 as those who didn’t do this.

Not just that, but they also suffered from fewer diseases and had better physical and mental health. The best part is that you can start doing this right now to extend your life and wellbeing.

A 20 to 40-minute walk per day (or equal amount of physical activity) is enough to put you in the ‘long life expectancy’ group. Although eating healthy and dumping bad habits doesn’t hurt, either.

To reach this mind-blowing conclusion, researchers assessed the physical states of 2,153 men over 70 years old. They rated fitness in four categories: very low, low, moderate and high fitness.

Nine years later, they followed up on who had lived and who had died.

Surprisingly (or not), for every 100 who died in the very-low-fitness category, only 53 died in the high-fitness group. 82 in the low-fitness category died and only 64 in the moderate-fitness category died.

As you can see, there isn’t a big difference between the life expectancy of high-fitness and moderate-fitness people (11 %). But there was a much greater difference from very-low-fitness to low-fitness and low-fitness to moderate-fitness (18 % in both cases).

So even if you don’t think you can reach the high-fitness group, at least try to stay moderately fit. All it takes is a 20 to 40-minute brisk walk daily. In addition, you should also eat healthily and try to dump bad habits.

In fact, many top athletics don’t work out more than 40 minutes per day, except right before a competition. Instead, they increase the intensity of the workout. So, if you want to reach the high-fit category, you still only need 20 to 40 minutes of exercise daily. Just boost the power.

One simple, high-intensity, 20- to 30-minute exercise includes the following:

1) A 3 to 5-minute, relaxed walk (jog, bike, swim whatever).
2) Do 30 seconds to 1 minute of a great power walk (run, bike, swim whatever). Put in everything you got into this.
3) Repeat #1 and #2 five times and then end with #1.

Now another piece of information that is even more important to boosting longevity than keeping high blood pressure at bay. High blood pressure is the number one underlying cause of death for people over 70.

The easiest and best way I know to lower blood pressure is actually another type of exercise.

But unlike the high-intensity exercises above, with these blood pressure exercises, you won’t even break a sweat. Learn these simple blood pressure exercises here…