Health Benefits BeansBeans have been on the “must eat” list coming from most health experts for many years because of their abundant health benefits, but there are five in particular that are far and away the best because of their nutritive content.

Canadian researchers recently published their top 5 picks for healthy legumes to include in your meals, especially if you don’t eat meat, need to seriously increase your fiber intake, and get cholesterol under control.

The shining stars of the bean world are:

-Black Beans
-Lima Beans
-Navy Beans
-Pinto Beans
-Kidney Beans

These beans are tops due to their incredible amounts of protein and fiber, while also being low in fat and carbohydrates.
To reduce the likelihood of gas when using canned beans, make sure to dump the can into a colander and rinse them thoroughly. This washes away all the sugar and salt that contribute to ‘the winds’ later.

Dried beans are one of the most economical food staples consumed in the world today, with literally thousands of recipes online that incorporate each of the above mentioned varieties.

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