Longevity TestForget needles, x-rays and treadmills. A new “test” that seems completely bizarre in its simplicity is all the rage now in determining how long you have to live. Not sure if you did this test the last time you applied to an increase your life insurance?

Researchers in Brazil have taken the notion of “come and sit a spell” to a whole other level recently. They were studying predictors to longevity, but in a completely unexpected way.

They studied the ability of a person to go from a standing position, to a sitting position on the floor, and back to a standing position. Seems simple enough, but the results were anything but simple. And speed wasn’t even a factor.

What they found was that people who needed the most help and support going from standing to floor to standing again were the most likely to die within the next five years.

Support counts as not only holding on to furniture on the way down or back up, but also using the floor or even a hand on the knee to brace oneself.

The factors that influenced the risk of dying included how likely a person would be to be able to pick things- like pills- up off the floor if they were dropped, or even being able to exercise- a critical piece in defeating arthritis, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

So the next time you go see your doctor and he or she tells you to have a seat…make sure you know where they’re asking you to sit.

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