Healthy ShoppingEven though the Holidays bring us a lot of joy, at times it becomes too overwhelming. Especially when brainstorming gifts for a very picky mother-in-law, or someone that already has everything.

However, even though sometimes shopping can become too stressful from time to time, research from Auckland University brings some very good news for shopaholics around the world.

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This unusual research was conducted by observing 2,000 elderly Taiwanese people.
Researchers found out that those who shopped every day had a significantly longer life span compare to the ones that enjoyed “retail therapy” only once a week.

The authors of the study explain that frequent shopping trips kept the elderly people busy and provided more social interactions, both activities leading to improved well being.

Another obvious benefit from shopping is physical activity. Walking from store to store and browsing the local mall can be a great workout.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend your life savings on shopping to live longer. Simply walking from store to store to do a little “window shopping” should provide the same results.

Even better, if possible, walk to your nearest shopping mall or a drugstore instead of driving there.