ultrasound_high_blood_pressureMost traditional medical treatment plans to lower blood pressure rely on dangerous medications that often cause lethal side effects.

But as technology rapidly progresses, new, innovative therapies to treat cardiovascular disease are being invented.

A team of Minnesota University researchers created a new breakthrough technology to heal high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. The best part is that this method causes no known side effect and is completely non-invasive.

A group of Minnesota researchers developed an ultrasound-based technology that can effectively cure atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is a condition in which plaque builds up in arteries and constricts the normal blood flow. This new technology works by relaxing and loosening the arteries with sound waves.

This new treatment is unique because compared to current treatments (catheter use and angioplasty), it is much more precise, is non-invasive and does not damage surrounding healthy tissues.

Researchers also shared that the new ultrasound technology will be more cost-effective and affordable.

Another step is to start using this amazing technology to tackle high blood pressure and chronic pain.

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