In the ever-present strive to find the fountain of youth, scientists may have come one step closer after research uncovered a secret protein that keeps heart tissue young.

This may be the key to forever preventing heart attack and stroke.

The study, conducted by Harvard, and published in the magazine, Cell, used mice to find the remarkable protein.

With techniques used for many decades to join the circulatory systems of 2 animals together, scientists found that by joining old mice with young mice, the heart tissue in the old mice improved dramatically.

This pointed to the existence of a molecule in the blood of young mice that isn’t present in old ones. The good news is that the researchers have actually isolated it.

The molecule, called growth differentiating factor-11 (GDF-11) seems to be responsible for the vim and vigor of heart muscle.

The even better news…

Scientists actually replicated the molecule with promising results. Because the concentration of this molecule in the blood declines with age, heart muscle begins to stiffen and thicken, causing heart disease.

Now that the molecule is able to be replicated, there may someday be hope for treatment of heart disease for aging populations. And hopefully they’ll be able to do this in a somewhat natural way without causing side effects.

In the meantime, it is best to live the healthy, organic lifestyle to prevent losing youthful proteins in the first place.

To improve heart health the two most important factors are, of course, lowering both cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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