In a new research, scientists of Edinburg University discovered previously unknown health benefits from sunlight that lowers blood pressure and tackles heart attack and stroke risk.

…and it has nothing to do with vitamin D!

This unexpected discovery suggests that the benefits of sunlight far outweigh the risks of skin cancer.

It has been known for a long time that the main benefit of sunlight exposure to human health is production of vitamin D. It is essential to heart health, immune system support, bone health, proper balance of serotonin levels in blood, prevention of type 2 diabetes, arthritis and the list is endless.

But there is a new benefit that maybe even more powerful!

In the landmark study, UK researchers found that when our skin is exposed to sunlight it produces a compound called nitric oxide. This compound helps drastically lower blood pressure when released into blood vessels.

The study was performed by inviting 24 volunteers to be exposed under sunlamps for two 20-minute sessions while monitoring their blood pressure.

In the first session they sat under sunlamps for 20 minutes and were exposed to both ultra-violet (UV) rays and heat from the lamps.
In the second 20 minute session volunteers were exposed only to the heat from the lamps without ultra-violet (UV) ray exposure.

The blood pressure was significantly lower after the session exposed to both ultra-violet (UV) rays and the heat from the sunlamps.
Even 50 minutes after the study, the blood pressure remained reduced.

There was, on the other hand, no change in blood pressure after the session of the group that was exposed only to the heat of the lamps.
Researchers express an opinion that health advice on sun exposure should be carefully considered as it is obviously more beneficial than damaging to human health.

Scientists also add disturbing facts to the research that for every death of skin cancer about 60 to 100 people die of stroke and heart disease associated with high blood pressure.

This of course, applies more to inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere.

There is a significant influence of geographical latitude on heart health observed as rates of cardiovascular disease are notably higher in the Northern Hemisphere compared to the Southern Hemisphere, where the sunshine is more abundant all year round.

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