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Food that Lower High Blood Pressure

What?! Celery has side effects? That sounds dangerous. Just like many drugs, celery, when eaten raw or juiced does have a proven effect on lowering high blood pressure. And just like many drugs, it carries a bag of side effects with it. But you may be surprised by these.

First, let’s talk blood pressure. Countless studies and research projects over the decades have proven time and again that the chemical 3-n-butyl phthalide is like a laser-guided missile that targets stress hormones in the body.

As we all know by now, stress is the key factor in high blood pressure, regardless of its source: biological stress (illness or injury), emotional stress, or environmental stress. The stress hormones cause blood vessels to constrict, and blood pressure goes up.

The phthalide lowers the chatecholamines, which are the stress hormones, thereby keeping the blood vessels healthier and blood pressure closer to normal.

However, while blood pressure reducing drugs have a list a mile long of weird, frustrating, and even dangerous side effects, celery’s laundry list of side effects are much more acceptable.

Here are just a few:

– Celery is packed with potassium, which most people in industrialized societies don’t get enough of. This mineral is a known diuretic and naturally eliminates excess fluid in the body. What makes it safer than a supplement is that it’s more easily absorbed and in safer quantities than a pill.

– The sodium in celery doesn’t raise BP like salt does. The side effect it does cause is to balance the electrolytes in the body.

Coumarins, the more powerful of known anti-oxidants, are believed to help fight colon cancer. Side effect of this little chemical? A reduction in inflammation in the body, which is music to the ears of those with arthritis.

– Calcium in celery replaces what those with lactose intolerance or celiac disease lose by not being able to drink milk. Stronger bones and healthier teeth are a great side effect!

[adrotate group=”5″]In case you hadn’t noticed the theme, I decided to look at ways people treat high blood pressure and highlight the proven methods there that have GOOD side effects and not bad ones. Juicing celery along with other fruits and vegetables is one such proven method.

As with all the articles I write that highlight super-foods that heal, I get a huge surge in the email inbox asking for how to eat/drink them, in what quantities, where to find them, how to store them…you name it.

So now I am going to save you the time and give you my friend Tom’s Morning Cocktail recipe. Drinking this every day has this man looking and feeling 2 decades younger than his age-mates and his wife tells me his skin is perfect.

So here is the low-down on the Cocktail (and no-there isn’t any alcohol. Not every cocktail has liquor in it):

What: celery, apples, spinach or cucumber, and carrots (the end result is an ugly green color but it’s really quite delicious)

Where: your local grocery store or farmer’s market (better yet- your own garden!)

When: Every day, but at least twice a week, first thing in the morning OR before dinner (helps control appetite). Drink immediately after juicing. Do not store in the fridge for more than a couple hours because it diminishes the impact of the very vitamins, minerals, and chemicals you are after.

Why: You know why- you want to get healthy without the BAD side effects.

How: Follow the recipe below-

Using a commercial juicer or any quality juicing machine (these are really coming down in price lately too!), run the following foods –IN THIS ORDER- through the juicer after you wash them (but no peeling):

Apples- 2 small or medium Red Delicious- include seeds and core but not stem

Carrots- 3 medium or large, with the top cut off

If you like robust flavors, use spinach- 1 cup, OR

If you like mellow flavors, use cucumber- 1 whole

6 stalks of celery, including leaves

Remember these final important factoids:

Strain the juice a couple times through a strainer with a finer mesh and it will be less pulpy and fibrous. While you want some insoluble fiber, too much might give you runny stools at first.

You have to include either the cucumber or the spinach, because the carrots will turn you into an oompah-loompah if you don’t add some green.

It’s also important to run the celery through last so the threads don’t bind the juicer up before the rest of the fruits/vegies go through.

Hopefully this will get some you who might have been on the fence about the benefits of juicing to go out and get yourself a new kitchen appliance, just in time for spring.

For more information on natural ways to eliminate blood pressure-raising stress naturally, grab my program for lowering blood pressure naturally today and get on your way to a healthier you!



  1. Thank you for this very valuable info, and for the recipe too!

  2. Thankyou will deffo try this, very kind to post it for free, many thanks.

  3. Very interesting article, I always mix Celery, Oranges and Carrots.
    Your cocktail sounds excellent , I wander if may have some bad effects while taking the drug “Atacand. Candesartan Cilexetil” where is advised not to take Potassium, while being treated with this medicine.

    Kind Regards, Henry

  4. Good informations in regard to Gred

  5. Thanks for this information about celery. I’ve been eating it raw for many years as part of my breakfast. Nice to know about the health benefits celery offers.

  6. I like this article, but have a question. Would adding beets to this cocktail increase the benefits for lowering BP?

  7. Thanks for the recipe Christian

  8. Thanks for the info. very informative, I have a juicer and we
    do use it, but not often enough. Will try to every morning.

  9. I love this info. When I eat a lot of raw food I feel great. I am saving up for a Breville juicer, but for now I am using a VitaMix blender. I just learned that apples and grapes are sprayed with a chemical called cryolite that cannot be washed off, so I switched to organic apples. I look forward to receiving your e-mails. Thanks so much.

  10. I love drinking fresh-made juices but am currently on a low-carb diet and am avoiding things that have a medium to high glycemic count. As you probably know, juicing removes some of the fibre and that can elevate a person’s blood sugar thereby causing a larger insulin response. What would you say the glycemic count is on such a juice? (I also have high blood pressure because of nephritis and am overweight.)
    Thanks so much.

  11. i do really enjoy and happy to let know that this is the very great news for me to take your safety advice for a healthy living……. and my kids and hubby can take this too for the safety and vitamins and mostly good for our health…..
    keep up the good work,,, god bless……

  12. What is an “oompah-loompah”?

  13. I completely agree with what you say and this has jogged my memory to try more vegetable juices . Thanks

  14. What good use can the pulp be put to if any

  15. I am also wondering what an “oompah-loomah” is.

    I appreciate the article and the cocktail recipe–but it sounds quite time-consuming. Most of us have quite a few demands on our time already,. Still, it does sound very healthy–especially if organic foods are used. I try to get organic ones when I can find them in reasonably good condition at not too high a price.

  16. As a person with high blood pressure I appreciate the alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. As I continue to find natural solutions your articles are greatly appreciated and very informative.

  17. very goodv news but i use ton take this blong time and stoped vlater but will try again

  18. very enlightening article….may just have to find a juicer

  19. thanks for the good informations about celery,God bless

  20. The article is very valuable. It wasn’t clear to me if phthalides are an ingredient in celery or if they are a drug medicine. Also, the article doesn’t state that celery reduces stress hormones. I am assuming that it does.

    Does celery contain coumarins? What are they?

    Does celery reduce inflammation? The answer is important to me.

    What is a “oompah-loompah? Is it a color?

    I will definitely increase my intake of celery.. Thanks for the advice. It is very helpful

  21. I’m wondering if this would be too thick in a vitamix (saw someone else is using one – did you find it ok or did you need to try to strain it or water it down?) I really like to keep fiber in and so don’t use a regular juicer, but I did see the note about watching for runny stools so I want to be careful 🙂

  22. thanks for the info Christian, it makes extremely helpful advice and all for free. I am a consumer of raw celery as a mouth freshner, with a dip as celery sticks, in a coleslaw. I will also try it as a drink now. Thank you so much for all your helpful knowledge and advice. I am a very avid reader of your news letters. Thank you.


  24. Couldn’t you use the pulp and other fibers in a soup or stew? It would be very tasty. Thanks for the info.

  25. Thanks a lot Chris for thIS vital information. Fruit juicing is a one useful way to lower BP naturally.

  26. Your article was well received and well done. My companion Bo, a thirty pound, ten year old cockapoo enjoys chopped celery and broccoli with his evening meal. Some say he’s spoiled. Ya think?

  27. very helpful information! Thank you.

  28. Oopah loompas are the little people on wizard of Oz with orange-ish colored skin. I the green veges balance out the orange beta carotene in carrots, so your skin won’t turn orange when eating so many carrots (or their juice).

  29. Thank you very much for this valuable information.

  30. Hi Christian: Thanks for this article on celery. I plan to try your recipe. Thanks also for all the past information that you have posted. Best regards Marion.

  31. Thanks so much for the information, and plan to try it out.

  32. Thanks for your advice and knowledge.
    it has been very helpful,must get back to juicing.
    l didnt know celery had so much potassium in it.

  33. thank’s for this information.

  34. thank you for your infoi walk and ex. try to keep blood p. down tryed your clery info works good tank you keep sending good info

  35. Thanks for the very helpful suggestions.

  36. the cock tail is a good one

  37. Florencio C. Villar

    Thanks for the recipe about celery. we have plenty of this in our place and i beleive that i will be benefited in this especially in lowering my high blood pressure.

  38. Six months ago my BP was 190/120.

    I reduced it to a normal level in 2 weeks using Celery stem and leaf, complete Apples, Carrots with the skin, Bananas peeled and a variety other fruits, but with a bid twist.

    I make my own yoghurt fresh daily, and in an ice crushing blender I mix and blend it with the above ingredients which I cut up and freeze in advance (usually3-4 days worth at a time).

    This gives all the roughage, and the taste can vary. I also freeze a variety berries (strawberry, blueberry raspberry are all good) and also used frozen peaches nectarines and plums for variety.

    I live in a hot climate, and love thick, freeezing cold drinks. These are also very healthy and I can have up to 2 litres of this at dinner time.

    In the mornings I have oats/porriage for breakfast just water the oats and spinich. I get it frozen year add it when I put in the cold water. Sometimes I use meusli in place of the basic rolled oats. This also helps BP and cholesterol! I use 1/2 a cup of oats to 1.5 cups water.
    Now my pressure varies 115-130/75-85. I never took the pils the Dr prescribes 6 months ago.
    Hope this helps someone or stimulates you to think outside the box.

  39. It works. Your body is lacking certain nutrients which is one of the reasons for pressure going up.

  40. wow i like to try, it seems good for my health…thanks for the information….

  41. Not Wizard of OZ but Charlie and the Chocolate factory – Oompa Loompas are orange pygmy workers

  42. I can’t wait to try this drink! The last two visits at my gyno and urologist showed an elevated bp. I would rather try to lower on my own without meds. Unfortunately work too many hours and don’t make time for enough exercise so I have to do something! A recorded Doctors tv show also stated that celery and parsley have anti cervical cancer properties! Thank you for your life changing advice.

  43. Good info. I’m on BP med (1 pill a day) but still find that I need help with lowering my pressure. More exercise will help, I’m just not a regular. My pressure is always low/normal right after exercise or a nice hot soaking bath. I’ll try this drink. Starting to eat healthier this year. Everyone had good comments also so thank you very much.

  44. We use,2 apples,4 stalks of Celery,4 stalks of Silverbeet,4 Carrots,and 1 Beetroot ,this recipe has come from our Natrapath which we have been using for 2 years it is very nice,the Beetroot acts as a Blood Cleanser.We use a CHAMPION JUICE EXTRACTOR,which removes alot of the bulk.

  45. Your article is great. Some years ago I developed arthritis in my feet. I was put on chronic medication which I did not want to swallow, therefore I started looking for herbal remedies. I soon found that a tea made of Indian Celery Seed soon halted the arthritis and what little pain was left is not noticeable. I then investigated the benefits of consuming celery and found much of what your article says. At least 4 to 5 times a week I drink a smoothie made with celery, carrot, apple and sometimes other fruit such as pineapple, orange, papaya or mango (all of which I grow in my garden). I make a tea of half a teaspoon of Celery Seed and a small stick of Cinnamon which I drink before going to bed and I sleep very soundly. I am now retired and I have no BP problems or anything else. I also attend a Gym three times a week and attend their Zumba and Funky dance classes.

  46. I an very thankful to you for giving all the health information. It is helping me lot. My BP is in control. I am doing fine healthwise following your health tip.

  47. Wow! I feel like I just hit the BP Lowering Lottery. Good cocktail Christian. And, it has NO alcohol. Awesome, since I am not a drinker. Thanks!

  48. I have been making a green drink for awhile, since hearing about the good effects of celery. I chop a few stalks into pieces and put them in the blender with some wild greens (dandelion leaf, chickweed, parsley) and add water and some flavorings – nutritional yeast, tahini, vinegar, for example. Maybe some seaweed. Then I blend it and drink the whole thing. It is a little fibrous, but I prefer to leave the fibers in, and it is easier to do it this way than to get celery stuck in my teeth. I haven’t figured out how to add beets, but they will be next.

  49. Am a real freak about what I eat,I use only organic and heathy foods,this it! when we become older (I am ha ha ha)we are more aware of our health so we choose the right food to enjoy life a bit longer.only that some of the suggested fruits like blueberries are too expensive here in The Netherlands(imported)but still I buy every week,1 handful and mix w/mild yoghurt w/added spoonful of maple syrup(imported fromCanada)for breakfast to start my day.Celery,beets,apples,carrots and spinach are grown right here so that’s not a big deal,but what about countries w/c these mentioned foods not available or poor people can’t afford,is there any alternatives?thanks for very informative site.

  50. Thank you for this information. I certainly will try this.

  51. Thank You for the interesting article and useful recipe and most of all thank you for a desire to make people healthy.

  52. Your health info is super great! With your morning cocktail recipe high blood pressure individuals will find it very useful. Being a HB person, I myself found interest in reading your health articles especially your morning cocktail recipe. Thanks so much!

  53. I don’t understand the difference between salt and sodium. Can you please explain that.Thank you, Betty

  54. Seriously, how can you guys not know what an oompah loompah is? Do you live in a cardboard box or something? lol. I didn’t think there was anyone in the world who hasn’t seen Charlie and the chocolate factory?!!!?!


  55. Can we just blend the ingredients and drink without using the juicer?

  56. I like this article, its not only informative but encouraging. Thanks,

  57. I just want to add to all these helpful comments and my own comment. Last year i met a ninety five year old walking along our beachfront. While chatting to him he said the secret of his old age is that no one over fifty should be eating meat. It sounds sensible to me but never having been a vegetarian I thought this would be too difficult. What I have done is stop eating cured meats and only eat meat while out either in a restaurant or eating with friends.

  58. What is the best way to wash these vegetables since we are juicing them raw (there might be pesticides, mud etc. on them)?

  59. Hi Christian;. Thank you for the very informative articles you write, always something of interest. This article on celery juicing sounds like just what I need. However, I am a diabetic who also suffers from white coat syndrome, so I am wondering if this will relieve the inherent stress that causes this my high BP when the nurse takes it? I cannot see it interfering with glucose levels. My stress levels are quite high since I am the full time carer for my wife who is a stroke victim and very incapacitated. Would appreciate your comments.
    Many thanks for your articles and their obvious usefullness.
    Regards Guy.

  60. Hi Christian, thank you for advise. I have been changing my eating habits and juicing is a big part of it. My doctor also recommended that I should increase celery intake, it is an excellent diurectic. Thank you again, I really enjoy reading your mail and many time I pass the articles to others.


  61. Thank you so much Christine for your wonderful articules. I am trying all to keep my blood pressure down. I have also been .tolded that I am pre diabetic. I am now walking every day watching diet.
    I enjpy getting your great e/mails.

  62. Good to know! Great read. I’ll remember this the next time I go to the grocery store.

  63. neneng Jacinta Fegarido Francisco

    Thank you for the information about celery, very interesting,I used this as an ingredients of my dish, coz i love the aroma, but through your health tips

  64. neneng Jacinta Fegarido Francisco

    I know that it has also benifits in lowering bp. so I’m very thankful to you,

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  66. Thank you very much for this important health information, I will definately try that. I would also like to know the effect of a Kiwi fruit on blood pleasure, please can any one say something on this fruit.

  67. Only wanna comment that you have a very nice website , I enjoy the style and design it actually stands out.

  68. I am not really excellent with English but I find this really easygoing to interpret .

  69. whoah this blog is wonderful i love reading your articles. Keep up the good work! You know, lots of people are hunting around for this info, you can aid them greatly.

  70. wonderful information, really great,keep continuing such information to us.

  71. I am glad to be a visitant of this consummate blog ! , regards for this rare info ! .

  72. Yusuf ladi hauwa

    Thank u so much for this information ,I will surely try it.i really appreciate your effort for assistance in keeping us healthy

  73. I just received my great masticating juicer I have wanted for years! I’m ready for this as soon as I run to the produce stand today! Bless your heart, Christian, and you other hard working researchers at “Blue Heron Health News”.

  74. Good article though;
    1)the heading was misleading. I was not going to red the article but i had also decided to stop eating cerely!

    2) Secondly i once read that seeds of apples are poisonous and must never be eaten! True or false. please help.

  75. I have a vita mix that is so powerful it turns veggies and fruits into a smooth liquid that one can drink. I never remove skin (except citrus) or the pulp. Does the cocktail loose its effect if I threw the ingredients into this fabulous vita mix without throwing out the pulp?

  76. What to do have a high boold sugar along the b.p. and tell us not to eat foods that are high in carbs. ????????

  77. A couple of years ago I found celery reduced any night sweating I was having. At the time I was able to get organic easily.

    Do get organic celery if you possibly can. I have seen that celery is on the list of “dirty” produce like apples due to pesticide use.

  78. It’s probably a geographical, cultural and generational thing. I have never watched “The Chocolate Factory”. I did study children’s television at Harvard though,

  79. 4 years ago ,Bottom Line books came out with an article about a 10cent vegestable that could lower your blood pressure.However you had to buy their book to find out what the veg was. I brought the book for $39.95 plus shiping to discover the vegestable was celery. O’course they had a book full of interesting other articles. The celery seemed to help but the problem was I got sick of eating celery with pea-nut butter. Celery also has a lot of fiber which is good for some people but may cause diarrhea in others. When I tried the juice I had the same problem,but the worse problem was I had to eat four stalks (or sticks) of celery a day and I got so i couldn’t stand to lookk at celery ,must less eat it. But different strokes for different folks.Also if you don’t have all your teeth for chewing you miht have a problem.

  80. I received the correct article yesterday and loved it. Still have not set up my vita mix juicer; however, had a blood sugar problem coming home from a week visit out of town last nite, and still have residual dizzyness from that, or heat exhaustion. Once again; I am down for the count. I appreciated this celery article, and about that and lowering blood pressure, plus, the article inside the article about thyroid was very interesting and informative so I will be looking into that as well, when I sleep a little extra and recover from a stressing visit due to illness of a great friend, and the death of another. Sleep renews and rejuvenates me when overstressed and exhausted. Keep up the good work. taylor

  81. I just purchased a nutri-bullet and they warn that apple seeds ingested produce cyanide inside the body? What sayeth thou?


  82. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments. It looks like my mother will be getting for her b.p. and arthritis and sleeping problems.Now I will have to get something to help her remember to take her celery.

  83. Am going to try this from tomorrow,thank you.

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