The young man is going to eat a lollypopSugar has been getting a bad rap in the world of health. It plays a key role in causing obesity, type 2 diabetes and arthritis just to name a few health concerns.

However, a doctor from Zimbabwe has discovered amazing the healing power your ordinary table sugar contains – if used in the right way.

Dr. Moses Murandu, while studying at Birmingham University in the UK, has successfully used an ancient treatment for wound healing using an ingredient that is found in most cupboards in kitchens worldwide.

After a patient had a complicated veinectomy and amputation that were not healing properly, Dr. Murandu proposed packing the wound with sugar, before dressing.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the healing process not only improved, but its timeframe was greatly expedited.

Scientists are just beginning to unravel the reasons why this could be, but it appears to have its base in the reaction of the harmful bacteria to the sugar- the normal table sugar was able to fight off infection better than most antibiotic treatments currently used.

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