The Healing Effects of Sugar

The young man is going to eat a lollypopSugar has been getting a bad rap in the world of health. It plays a key role in causing obesity, type 2 diabetes and arthritis just to name a few health concerns.

However, a doctor from Zimbabwe has discovered amazing the healing power your ordinary table sugar contains – if used in the right way.

Dr. Moses Murandu, while studying at Birmingham University in the UK, has successfully used an ancient treatment for wound healing using an ingredient that is found in most cupboards in kitchens worldwide.

After a patient had a complicated veinectomy and amputation that were not healing properly, Dr. Murandu proposed packing the wound with sugar, before dressing.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the healing process not only improved, but its timeframe was greatly expedited.

Scientists are just beginning to unravel the reasons why this could be, but it appears to have its base in the reaction of the harmful bacteria to the sugar- the normal table sugar was able to fight off infection better than most antibiotic treatments currently used.

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  1. Erwin Salomon PhD says:

    It was always known that high concentration of any sugar prevents development of bacteria and yeast. The walls of cells burst when the outside is highly sugar concentrated. Preservation of fruits and vegetables by deepening in high concentration sugary syrup is known for ages. The fruits / vegetables tissues that are flooded with sugar do not allow attack of yeast or bacteria so they last months and years.
    There are populations that use bees honey to heal wounds by applying it and there is no need for antibiotics, not internally nor topical.

  2. Jude Ablenyi says:

    More surprises are yet to emerge.

  3. Micheal Cook says:

    Like anything, moderation is the key.Sugar, like other foods have become anethema to those seeking to care for their own health, and rightly so. Processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, with the likes of aspartame have proven themselves to be dangerous to health. The corporate food monsters have profit as their final goal, and processed foods are saturated with sugars and salts and other cheap ingredients to 'fill' up their frankenstein foods. That is why the ingredient section on their products are nothing more than a lesson in chemical dynamics. Sugar has its place, as part of the natural food chain, honey being an excellent source for that sugar. As honeyed sugar is the easiest for the body to assimilate, along with all the other enzymes and vitamins and trace elements that make honey what it is, a most beneficial food. But like all that is good, one can have to much of a good thing, eat to much honey and you will be sick. Balance is the key to all that is our diet, and sugar should play it's part. and not take the lead role in it.

  4. tina says:

    Will packing sugar in type 2 diabetic foot ulcer help it heal tried everything n it still drains n now it bleeds all the time help please

  5. Ian Fleck says:

    we used honey and found healing on deep cuts and lacerations was twice as quick and with less of a scar

  6. How times change. As late as last week I was reading how bad sugar is for you, unhealthy, and many other derogatory terms. There in very little wrong with most natural foods just how much we over indulge in them. Most if not all foods are not healthy for you if you overindulge. An old axiom is very fitting “whatsoever you do, do in moderation’. this is true in all walks of life. This attitude done with good wholesome “natural foods” not necessarily organic; combined with adequate drinking water [not
    water,plus coffee, tea, juice,] we should become a much healthier people. If we add to this by cutting out the majority of processed foods, and genetically modified foods we could well be on our way to putting our Health Care Systems to looking for patients to heal.

  7. Judy Poole says:

    Sugar works miraculously on cuts, scratches and burns. No other salve, cream, ointment or antibiotic needed!