This Acid Tackles NeuropathyThe traditional medical system has very few options when it comes to neuropathy.

A new study published in the Journal Nature revealed how a common acid supplement can drastically slow the progression of neuropathy.

You can find this dirt-cheap, over-the-counter acid supplement in most pharmacies.

Researchers at the Salk Institute studied two groups of mice: one group with diabetes and another group that was healthy.

Their first discovery was that diabetic mice had low levels of the amino acids serine and glycine, and they guessed that this was why they were more susceptible to peripheral neuropathy than their healthy peers.

You need some background knowledge to understand why they made this guess.

Amino acids make up proteins and fat molecules called sphingolipids, which are abundant in the nervous system.

When our bodies have very little of the amino acid called serine, our bodies have no choice but to substitute a different amino acid for serine. Unfortunately, when this substitute amino acid is used to make sphingolipids, their structure is completely changed.

The accumulation of these abnormal sphingolipids eventually causes harm to the peripheral nerves. The team noticed this buildup of abnormal sphingolipids in their diabetic mice.

This also occurs in humans. There is a very rare genetic disorder in humans that is characterized by peripheral sensory neuropathy, and previous studies have found that people with this disorder also have low serine and abnormal sphingolipids.

To try to solve this problem in their mice, the Salk Institute scientists provided their diabetic mice with serine supplements.

They put all the diabetic mice on a high-fat diet but provided only half of them with a serine supplement.

The serine supplementation slowed their development of peripheral neuropathy, which developed quickly in the mice without the supplement.

Serine supplements are affordable and available over the counter, but you can also consume more serine in your diet.

The best food source of this amino acid is soybeans, but it is also abundant in almonds, walnuts, eggs, chickpeas, and lentils.

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