This Vegetable Lowers High Blood Pressure By 10 PointsThis little root vegetable has the power to reduce blood pressure by 10 points within the first 15 minutes of drinking its fresh juice.

Study after study has extolled its virtues, and one from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia, has revealed its role in lowering high blood pressure.

Scientists have once again proven that beet juice is one powerful weapon when it comes to the war against high blood pressure.

They observed participants who either drank a mixture of beet juice (12oz) and apple juice (4oz) or drank a placebo. They found what dozens of other researchers have already shown us…so it came as no surprise that the beet juice group had significantly lower blood pressure after the 3-week study.

Beet juice is packed with antioxidants—more so than many other fruits or vegetables. It can be really potent when taken alone, but it is almost always mixed with juice from other fresh produce, such as apples, blueberries, cucumber, and/or carrots.

If you have a juicer, wash these ingredients and run them through it in the morning, twice a week (a blender will work just as efficiently):

– 1 large red apple (any variety, but Red Delicious is great)

– 4 stalks of celery

– ½ fresh beet, peeled

– 3 medium carrots

– 1 cup fresh spinach

The carrots and apple help to temper the bite of the beet juice without adding too many extra calories. The celery and spinach help temper the color (beet and carrot juice both stain and can deposit pigment in the skin – too much carrot juice will turn your palms orange, and too much beet juice will flush your cheeks). Another healthy and sweet addition is half a cucumber.

When beet juice is consumed in moderation with other healthy vegetables, you are practically insulating your body from almost every disease.

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