Fighting Off Diabetes is Way Easier Than You ThinkThe most common piece of advice on how to combat type 2 diabetes is to lose a lot of weight.

This advice has given rise to some insane weight-loss schemes for those with diabetes, such as the “800 calories per day for eight weeks” diet.

Fortunately, a new study from the University of Cambridge is putting an end to this insanity.

It reveals a simple, easy way to end your type 2 diabetes in a short period of time.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge analyzed data from 867 adults aged 40–69, all of whom suffer from type 2 diabetes and had previously enrolled in a study called the “ADDITION-Cambridge” trial.

Five years after the original trial, researchers checked to see who was in remission.

One-third of the participants were in remission. Notably, those who had lost 10% of their original body weight were 2.43 times more likely to be in remission than those whose weight stayed relatively constant.

This study proves three important points:

1. Type 2 diabetes is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

2. It’s possible (even easy) to reverse type 2 diabetes through lifestyle changes.

3. You don’t have to be extreme to cure type 2 diabetes—losing 10% of your body weight is far from impossible.

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