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High blood pressure killed my father and my grandfather. But it will never hurt me. Here’s how I know…

Case study: Garry Peterson

My blood pressure wasn’t high – it was super-high

My readings sometimes peaked at 210/140… now, they never exceed 110/70. How on earth did I do that?

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It was actually very straightforward… here’s my story

So, I have just unstrapped my blood pressure monitor – and the reading is 100/70.

Just about average for my blood pressure over the last 16 months.

Which – if you know anything about blood pressure readings – has me very, very safely inside the healthy blood pressure range. No problems here! I’m as fit as a fiddle.

But that’s not how it used to be.

Four years ago I was the anxious owner of a regular 160/110 blood pressure score – one that occasionally hit 210/140.

Which, you’ll probably know, is life-threateningly high.

The diagnosis of high blood pressure was followed by bad news, more bad news – and yet more bad news.

The illnesses that follow high blood pressure include paralysis – by stroke – or death by heart disease.

My physician explained how many different treatments we might have to try in order to save me from the worst cases.

She told me what could go wrong with the treatments. Because they mostly came with side-effects.

And she was right on all counts.

I went through a range of medications – and they did all sorts of things to me.

But the bottom line was that my blood pressure remained much too high.

Which meant my health – my life – was at risk. Which worried me sick, to be honest.

But… as I said, that was then.

Today, I’m fine. My blood pressure has been well within safe levels for 16 months straight.

But the key to my consistently healthy blood pressure was nothing that my doctor did for me.

I straightened out my blood pressure by simpler means.

Which I’ll tell you about right now.

Rejecting the meds cocktail

Standard drug remedies proved ineffective.

Diuretics achieved nothing. My average blood pressure readings actually rose slightly in the two or three months after diagnosis.

So we added blockers. Still, my blood pressure continued to rise until, finally, it flattened out.

It had stabilized – although my doctor suspected it would have done that anyway.

Regardless, it was way, way too high. And it looked like it was going to stay high.

The meds came with side-effects: regular, nagging headaches.

Some very bad stomach problems – if you know what I mean. That got embarrassing more than once.

Perhaps most upsetting were the feelings of anxiety I began experiencing.

I’ve always been a happy, cheerful person. Yet now I experienced worries I couldn’t explain. Unhappiness that seemed to have no real cause. Nervousness. Fear, even.

This had never happened to me before. I hated it.

But my doctor assured me that meds will always create side-effects. If not these ones, I’d have others. I could expect to experience them for as long as I took the meds.

Which, she cheerfully informed me, would probably be for the rest of my life.

The arguments begin…

After a two-year struggle to get the upper hand over this darned condition I came into a little conflict with my doctor.

Nothing was getting better. The longer my blood pressure was this high, the greater the risks to my life.

I wanted to talk about some other, non-drug possibilities for handling my blood pressure condition.

I’d already made drastic changes to my diet: no salt, plenty of vegetables, whole foods. Everything I could possibly do to help myself, I did it.

I’d cut out alcohol. And I walked twice a day.

I wanted to know what else I could do – that wouldn’t bring on any new side-effects.

She was well-meaning but at a loss. She insisted there was nothing else.

I admit I grew quite irritable. She thought I was questioning her knowledge. I wasn’t really –  I was just becoming increasingly scared.

I wasn’t the only one with high blood pressure

The thing is, I already knew of two people who had long-term high blood pressure – and after years of treatments both died of complications caused by the condition.

One was my grandfather. The other was my father.

My grandfather had two strokes. The second one deprived his brain of oxygen for so long he didn’t survive.

My dad died of a heart attack shortly after I graduated from college. He was 48.

My doctor had already told me there was a genetic factor in high blood pressure. I was convinced the writing was on the wall for me.

Thankfully, in the end, bad genetics didn’t stop me successfully treating my blood pressure illness.

But, in the meantime, I did lose my cool with my doctor. A strong sense of hopelessness was setting in.

One lucky break…

Then I hit on a stroke of luck.

Some years ago, my brother had suffered a painful, distressing condition known as TMJ. It started in the jaw and caused him intense pain, partial deafness and facial disfigurement. It was awful.

But having seen two specialists my brother’s TMJ was worsening – and he was desperate.

A long story short, he found a natural health practitioner called Christian Goodman who had a very different attitude to illness.

My brother followed Christian’s specific advice – and started turning around his jaw pain in days.

Three weeks later, he no longer had TMJ at all. After 5 years of suffering, the pain was completely gone. Over the next couple of weeks his hearing slowly returned – and his lopsided face adjusted back to normal.

My brother wrote to Christian Goodman to ask him if he knew of anyone who could address high blood pressure.

Incredibly, Christian did know someone.



Physician, heal thyself…

Turns out Christian had suffered years of high blood pressure himself.

And, when treatments had failed to stop it getting steadily worse… he decided to do something about it himself.

I got in touch with Christian to find out how come he no longer had high blood pressure.

And here’s what I learnt.

Tackle causes to end illness

First, Christian has a solid track record of reversing a number of chronic illnesses that modern medicine is barely coping with.

His philosophy is shockingly simple: he hunts down root causes for a particular condition – and tackles those causes.

I thought that was what all medicine did!

Not so. What doctors tend to do is treat the symptoms – not the causes.

Why? Why does medicine tend to tackle the effects of an illness rather than its causes?

It’s because the causes of diseases are most often natural lifestyle things. Things we do, food we eat, our state of mind and so on. 

None of these can be affected by pharmaceutical drugs.

Whereas symptoms – the pain we feel as a result of the cause – can be altered by pharma’s drugs.

So in a pill-popping industrial health society… the health industry prescribes pills to address symptoms.

But addressing only the symptoms of an illness leaves the illness firmly in place.

We instinctively know this makes no sense

We only have to think this through for a minute – to see how doing it like this is madness. 

Consider this: it wasn’t the lack of medications that caused our initial illness. So why must it be medications that resolve those illnesses?

In truth, our bodies are a natural system and they go wrong for natural reasons.

And the first thing your body tries to do when things go wrong… is make them go right. It wants to function properly.

To help your body, it’s sensible to undo the natural causes that made it go wrong in the first place.

Which is exactly what man-made drugs and medicines don’t do.

They simply handle the effects of the illness.

So we get more ill over time because the underlying illness is left in place. It’s still there.

Over time the illness worsens and becomes too much for the meds to handle.

Which is when things start to go seriously wrong. And that’s why people die of high blood pressure.

This is how it works

Christian points out two insights so simple – and obvious – that when you hear them it almost sounds too easy to be true.

Here’s insight number one:

There can be half a dozen factors involved in your high blood pressure – but there’s one common cause no matter what else is involved.

That common cause?

It’s the brain.

Let’s be specific about this:.

Nothing happens in your body without your brain’s say-so.

Everything – and I mean everything – is under its control.

And the brain’s role in creating your high blood pressure is absolutely central here.

After all, what directly sets your heart rate? Your brain.

What narrows or widens the arteries in response to its chosen blood pressure levels? Your brain.

What ultimately determines the volume of blood your heart will pump throughout your body? Your brain.

And so on. We can talk all day about other contributory factors… but when it comes down to it, everything begins and ends with what your brain decides.

Here’s insight number two:

Blood pressure is always a stress response. Whatever else contributes to it, stress is the first, primary cause.

And stress results from an instruction from the brain.


Once Christian realized that the cause of high blood pressure begins and ends with the brain – and that the brain was sending blood pressure sky high due to stress – he knew exactly what to do next.

I’m kidding, right?

My blood pressure reading used to spike at 210/140. Now, it averages 100/70.

Super-safe, in other words.

I got it down to 100/70 by directly addressing what my brain was doing to me.

So, no. I’m not kidding. Not one bit. Because this saved my life.

It would have saved my grandfather’s too.

And my dad’s.

But I understand why some people have to think about this for a moment. I did too!

Because I have always been the least stressed person you could ever meet.

I was known to be a laid-back, chilled person. One who never got angry, who was always cheerful….

I am rarely upset, never flustered, never take things personally. Life was good!

So just how the heck would stress have anything to do with my high blood pressure?

Well, let me tell you: turns out it really was the primary cause of my blood pressure misery… and it’s the cause of yours too.

The 4 types of stress that everyone experiences

There are 4 types of stress. Everyone experiences all of them at some time or other.

  1. Physical stress: comes from illness, working long hours or poor sleep. Ongoing, chronic pain – in the back or the neck or in joints for example – will cause damaging, ongoing stress. Oddly, this stress is also caused by healthy activity like intense physical effort or exercise.
  1. Sensory stress: unwelcome noises – from traffic, loud television, barking dogs and so on – directly raises blood pressure. It includes a noisy environment – your home, your workplace or even your neighbors.
  1. Emotional stress: can originate from obvious causes like a bereavement or a troubled relationship. But this stress can become chronic with such things as money worries or feelings of guilt or anger. Background thinking that you hardly notice features very much here.
  1. Mental stress: is often routine stress brought on by family or work worries. It’s also the result of ongoing challenging tasks that require a lot of brain work – which includes difficult work but also juggling numerous personal domestic responsibilities or handling life difficulties.

Everybody experiences these four types of stress from time to time. Often, we’ll experience more than one of them at a time.

But that’s normal life. And in small, irregular doses… that’s fine.

However, for hundreds of millions of us across the world one – or more – of these four stresses gradually gets out of hand. And that’s where our blood pressure problems start.

What’s especially dangerous with these common types of stress is that they come on so gradually we don’t notice them… so we simply learn to live with them.

It can take years for the stress to reach dangerous levels – which is why high blood pressure is rare amongst teenagers but widespread amongst older adults.

I know this from experience

I would never have accepted that I was a stressed person.

Yet it was only when I found a clear, peaceful mind that I realized just how tense I had been before.

It was, to be honest, an incredible feeling, that sense of mental release…

And it was once I’d found that calm… that my blood pressure plummeted.

Your doctor doesn’t realize he already knows this

Remember: Christian’s key insight is that the underlying cause of high blood pressure is the body’s stress response.

Which our brains directly cause.

It’s this stress response getting out of balance that’s sending our blood pressure sky high.

Your physician knows this. It’s just that he or she doesn’t know they know this.

How? Consider this:

Did your physician advise you to exercise more, sleep well, eat better?

He or she would have – and yet this advice mostly doesn’t affect blood pressure directly at all.

It affects stress.

Your health practitioner is offering lifestyle advice that mostly reduces stress.

Which, in turn, lowers blood pressure.

Mind you, these methods aren’t especially good for lowering blood pressure. They’re tackling the problem in an indirect way.

Which is why we end up on meds anyway.

But any effect they do have on blood pressure is because they’ve reduced stress.

What Christian Goodman achieves is what doctors already try – unsuccessfully – to do.

Christian attacks stress directly. And when you do that you remove what causes high blood pressure.

Which means high blood pressure has only one direction of travel – and that’s down.

A method with tens of thousands of fans

Christian’s guide to achieving safe blood pressure readings is called ‘The Blood Pressure Program’.

Specifically, the program shows us how to reset the brain so that it stops generating stress in the body.

He likens it to rebooting a stuck computer.

You’ll have seen that before… the screen freezes, or the cursor just spins round and round on the spot…

You wait and nothing happens.

Clearly something is going on inside the computer that is making it malfunction. It’s jammed up… and can’t function properly.

You switch the machine off, then switch it on.

And everything’s fine again.

Everything that had clogged up your machine, that was slowing it down, making it seize up and malfunction… is gone.

Now. Christian does not show you how to switch the brain off!

Instead, he shows you how to gently reset it. To unjam it…. To release it. To help it restore back to its previous healthy state.

Just like you do with your computer.

The ‘focused break’

To do this Christian creates what he calls a ‘focused break’.

Which means that, for some minutes, the brain detaches from the pushes and pulls of ordinary life… and does the one thing almost nobody allows their brain to ever do.

To take care of its own needs.

It gets the opportunity it needs to get unclogged.

To let go…

To settle…

And to find calm.

And over a few days it finds its way back to working smoothly and perfectly. Just like a refreshed computer.

The calming effect this has on your mind and body has to be felt to be believed.

While the change in your blood pressure reading has to be seen to be believed…!

Just 3 things

Christian’s ‘The Blood Pressure Program’ consists of three very easy, non-physical exercises.

They can be done while out for a walk or while sitting in your armchair. Or while laying down.

Literally, no sweat.

That’s all it is: three specific, highly-focused but very simple exercises that treat high blood pressure in a way that drugs could never manage.

Tested… and then proven

Originally, Christian tested dozens of different methods on more than a hundred people over an extended period.

Real blood pressure patients volunteered to try them out. Some exercise protocols worked well. Others didn’t.

But from the first trials over ten years ago this program has since been – literally – a life-saver for tens of thousands of people.

The brain resets, stress falls away, blood pressure goes into free-fall.

I’m one of those thousands by the way. 16 straight months of regular blood pressure tests and I haven’t been out of the safe zone even once.

So, despite its apparent simplicity…  I know first-hand just how effectively this works.

This isn’t some sort of miracle treatment

This isn’t some exotic miracle cure by the way.

It’s good ol’ science.

Simple, specific resetting exercises directly activate your body’s own control systems.

Scientific testing shows that blood pressure falls measurably and quickly every time.

Christian achieves this not just for a few hours but for a lifetime. And science approves of what he does.

In fact, so does the FDA. They have approved a brain calming machine that helps lower blood pressure through various breathing protocols.

Breathing techniques can certainly be beneficial. Although they can’t bring about the kind of specific brain resetting that obliterates high blood pressure.

But brain calming methods are such a big deal that the FDA has started approving breathing machines. Which tells us that, finally, the medical establishment is slowly coming round.

The results

So – three exercises daily.

I did one on my way to work and the other two when I got home.

All three so easy, so effortless that you can be 90 years old, way out of shape and still get maximum benefit from them. This is not a physical workout!

So I did all three properly and regularly.

And they worked. At first, they made small – but not permanent – differences to my blood pressure.

I used my home tester to check my pressure before and after.

My blood pressure fell on day 1 – but not quite to the levels considered ‘safe’.

By day 4 my blood pressure touched the official safe reading – for the first time in over two years. The effect lasted half the day and I was thrilled beyond belief..!

On day 6 it got inside the safe range – and remained there for most of the day.

More progress

I noticed a cumulative effect taking place here.

Each day’s exercises built gradually on what I had already done.

On day 11 my blood pressure was in or around the safe zone all day long.

To say I was stunned is an understatement.

I already had faith in Christian Goodman’s guidance because of how he’s transformed my brother’s illness – when no standard treatment had made any difference.

But actually experiencing it for myself was incredible.

It made me a bit tearful, to be honest.

A whole host of modern medicines had barely moved the needle… and now here I was looking at a reading that stayed at or inside the safe range all day.

So why wasn’t my doctor happy with my transformation?

A visit to my doctor the following week – with blood pressure now comfortably in the safe zone – was met with disbelief. And, I must say, a little annoyance.

I think she was exasperated – and embarrassed, perhaps? – that I had chosen my own path. And that it had worked so astonishingly well.

She asked me more than once if I’d increased my meds without consulting her.

I told her that I hadn’t – and that I wanted to come off my meds. A request that she refused.

10 days later this happened

First, my blood pressure was now consistently well within the safe zone.

I was measuring daily and for the previous 10 days it hadn’t left the safe zone even once.

Second, my next visit to my doctor got me off meds. She gave me a plan that lowered the dose over a couple of months.

I felt so much better once they were out of my life.

All this was nearly 16 months ago.

I still do the exercises. Not always all of them. (Discipline isn’t my strong point.)

But once things are safely under control you can safely skip a day or two without any problems.

I measure my blood pressure every other day. I have never been out of the safe range. Not even once.

High blood pressure is a choice

I learned how to give my brain a vital ‘focused break’ through following Christian’s ‘The Blood Pressure Program’. 

And it gave me something I hadn’t had before: genuine, meaningful choice.

I could choose to do the exercises every day – or most days – and be well and healthy.

Or I could take medicines for the rest of my life, put up with side-effects and hope to goodness the problem doesn’t get worse over time.

Choice one is the winner for me.

For a little input, I get to live a full life, free of risk and worry.

And all those lifestyle warnings that we’re told will worsen our condition?

Not a problem.

Because now it doesn’t matter if my weight fluctuates a bit – ‘The Blood Pressure Program’ keeps my blood pressure at normal levels anyway.

If I eat something salty – or tuck into foods that are on the ‘naughty list’ – so be it. It’ll have no effect.

Nor does it matter if I have a few too many alcoholic beverages at a celebration – I know I’m going to be okay.

And if I’m a bit lazy and don’t do much exercise? No sweat – my blood pressure isn’t going to leave the safe zone.

The peace of mind I’m enjoying now is incredible. Whatever else life throws at me, I don’t ever expect high blood pressure to ever rear its ugly head ever again.

And that’ll do for me!

So how about you?

If you’re on meds and you don’t want to be then ‘The Blood Pressure Program’ is going to quickly become your best friend.

The difference it makes is jaw-dropping.

If you’re not yet on meds – and you don’t ever want to be – then this is your chance to avoid them altogether. Reset your brain’s internal stress system now and watch your blood pressure readings start dropping.

You’re in for the surprise of a lifetime.

The program makes things fantastically easy too. The instructions for each exercise are simple and they’re printed out on the page for you to read.

But if you want it even easier… then check this out: within the program is a link to an audio recording of the instructions.

So you don’t even have to read them for yourself!

Just click on the link for the exercise you’re about to do… and follow along with the spoken instructions instead.

There’s no reason not to do this.

A stroke killed my grandfather and a heart attack killed my father. Both caused by high blood pressure. They didn’t have the opportunity to help themselves like we do.

Today, we don’t have to risk ending up like they did.

Christian’s ‘The Blood Pressure Program’ can be with you in a couple of minutes from now. So you can start working on your illness today.

And see some new blood pressure readings that you’re really going to like.

Click here now and join tens of thousands of us who no longer have high blood pressure!

What we properly treat… heals.

It was clear that standard treatments were never going to make me well.

Meds messed with my body but never properly tackled why I was ill.

Whereas ‘The Blood Pressure Program’ went straight to the root cause of my blood pressure problems.

It hit the problem head-on, removing its causes…. and leaving the illness with no way of sustaining itself.

Which is why I’m now healthy. Without a cause how can I be ill?

Treat your high blood pressure the way I did and see the difference it makes…

Your copy of ‘The Blood Pressure Program’ is waiting for you – click here and get it now.

High blood pressure ruins lives

You know this. I know this. Without an effective remedy we run serious risks of heart disease, heart failure, strokes, kidney disease, vascular dementia…

High blood pressure had been the death of my father and my grandfather before him.

Popping pills didn’t do anything for either of them. Same for me. And undoubtedly the same for you.

 Pills did not lower the chances of me contracting serious – fatal – illnesses.

And pills didn’t do anything for the thousands of people who, in the end, turned to Christian’s ‘The Blood Pressure Program’ for relief.

For me, for them – and for you too – using chemical drugs that aren’t solving this health problem is a one-way ticket to serious illness.

Continuing to rely on treatments that have been shown to let patients grow steadily more ill is a recipe for worry, ill-health and disaster.

Don’t do this to yourself.

Today, you have choices. Either chemical treatments with nasty side-effects and a very poor record for success.

Or a natural approach that addresses your high blood pressure at its cause – and sends blood pressure into freefall.

‘The Blood Pressure Program’ is the choice I made. Tens of thousands of others made this choice too. Join us – and you’ll see exactly why we did!


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