High Blood Pressure NOT Caused By AgingOne common understanding of high blood pressure is that it is inevitable as we age.

Just as our skin wrinkles and our hair turns grey, our arteries stiffen, lose their flexibility, and raise our blood pressure.

But American researchers have now found evidence that high blood pressure is a common, but not inevitable, part of aging.

And that leads us to the real way to avoid high blood pressure and boost your heart health no matter what your age is.

The researchers examined the health information of 3,196 people over the age of 49 collected by the Framingham Study.

They were interested in learning if it’s possible to keep your heart young as you age.

Young meaning being free of cardiovascular disease, normal blood pressure, and soft arteries walls.

At the age 50, 33% of the subjects lived up to these criteria. But only 1% of people over 70 checked all the markers.

So, does that mean that heart aging is an inevitable part of getting older?

Not necessarily!

Because digging deeper, it was clear that almost everyone who kept their heart young lived an extremely healthy lifestyle. They didn’t smoke, ate healthy, had a healthy cholesterol level and body weight, and worked out.

Researchers also did an extensive analysis of genetic factors and found no indications that people with younger hearts had any genetic advantages.

It was 100% self-made success in the form of healthy lifestyle.

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