Gout And ED Connection (new study)ED is of course exclusive to men. Gout is also more common among men than women.

But you’d think that’s where the comparison ends.

Not quite, because there is a sneaky connection between gout and ED. One that was not clear till researchers from Keele University, Staffordshire, England recently dug deep into the data.

They first used the Clinical Practice Research Datalink to identify 9,653 men who had been diagnosed with gout between 1998 and 2004.

For comparison’s sake, they then selected 38,212 men from the database who matched the gout cases in all medical details but the gout.

They observed all these cases for an average of 10 years to find out whether men with gout developed erectile dysfunction at higher levels than their healthy peers, and exactly when the ED was diagnosed.

It turned out that men with gout were 31 percent more likely to develop ED than the general men without gout, and that the ED in many of the cases was diagnosed in the year before the gout.

In the year before the gout diagnosis, men were 63 percent more likely than the goutless men to develop ED, 77 percent more likely in the first two years, and then dropped off to 16 percent after five years of gout diagnosis.

To the scientists, this suggested that elevated uric acid was responsible for the ED.

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