Cheap Mineral Cures Men’s Common Bedroom IssuePremature ejaculation is a problem that can ruin a sex life about as completely as the inability to achieve an erection.

Around 1/3 of all men struggle with this issue.

But a new hope of a cure has appeared in the form of a cheap, common mineral you can buy in any pharmacy or health food store.

A study in the latest edition of Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine assessed the ability of a drug containing Rhodiola rosea, folic acid, biotin, and zinc to delay ejaculation.

Zinc was the main focus.

60.4 percent of their subjects reported improved ejaculatory control after 90 days of use.

A few other studies back up these results.

Sri Lankan researchers published a study in a 2009 edition of the Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences that reported their experiments with male rats.

After zinc supplementation, male rats had sex for a longer period without ejaculating. They also had higher levels of testosterone than other rats.

This worked at 5 mg of zinc per day. At 1 mg it made no difference, and at 10 mg it led to a reduction in their libido and in the amount of time they spent having sex.

So, if this is true, make sure you get enough zinc, but not too much.

Premature ejaculation is, however, most of the time not caused by lacking zinc. Here is a simple technique that helps almost all men hold back for as long as they want …

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