Deadly Animal Eases Arthritis PainThe British Daily Express recently interviewed a Cuban man who routinely used scorpion venom to ease his terrible arthritis pain.

He keeps four scorpions around his house so that he could “sting himself” when his arthritis pain became bad, apparently about once a month.

So is there science to back this up?

Apparently, there is. And fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the sting of a scorpion to benefit from this method.

In 2009, The Iranian journal Archives of Razi Institute published a paper by Iranian researchers that tested the venom of the Mesobuthus eupeus, commonly called the lesser Asian scorpion, found, fittingly, primarily in Asia.

They injected rats with a substance that caused a rheumatoid arthritis-like condition.

They then injected one group of these rats with conventional anti-arthritis medication, two groups with scorpion venom of different strengths, and one group remained untreated.

They found that the venom-injected rats experienced as much improvement in movement and reduction in inflammation as those injected with the arthritis drug.

The Journal of Clinical Toxicology published a similar study in 2014 in which Indian scientists tested the venom of the Indian red scorpion, one of the most lethal scorpions in the world, on similarly induced rat arthritis with similar results.

At this stage, these are the only two studies that back the use of scorpion venom.

At the same time, there are plenty of other studies proving that scorpion venom actually causes inflammation and death.

So why are the results so conflicting?

You see, scorpion venom has so many different chemicals in it and different types have different amounts of each chemical.

Therefore, the only way to get reliable results from scorpion venom will be when scientists manage to extract the good, anti-inflammatory parts from the bad inflammatory-inducing part.

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