This Odd Type of Salt Regulates Blood Pressure and Boosts HealthFor decades we’ve been suffering the hype and hoopla about the “dangers” of sodium.

The so-called nutritional specialists and the medical world keep trying to convince us that the salt is a common denominator of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

However, studies have failed to prove any health benefits of a low sodium diet. In fact, multiple research studies revealed that the DASH low-salt diet was linked to an increased heart disease risk.

Salt is absolutely essential to maintain good health and wellbeing IF you use the right kind.

Due to this ongoing propaganda against salt, we tend to forget how crucial it is to our health and the fact that we cannot survive without it.

Unprocessed salt is necessary for many essential biological processes:

• Transferring nutrients in and out of cells.
• Regulating and maintaining blood pressure.
• Boosting the glial cells in the brain that are responsible for long-term planning and creative thinking.
• Salt is an important component of blood plasma, extracellular fluid, lymphatic fluid and amniotic fluid.
• Helps brain communicate with the muscles to create the movement.

It does, however, matter what kind of salt you use.

Regular table salt is refined and contains as much as 89 percent of sodium.

Compare that to a natural, unrefined salt containing less than 84 percent of sodium chloride. The other 16 percent of natural salt consists of essential minerals like phosphorus, vanadium and silica.

In processed salt the remaining percentage consists of manmade chemicals like moisture absorbents and added iodine.

Processed salt is then dried using an excessive heat above 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, eventually altering and changing the natural chemical structure of it.

Same as with most of the foods, salt is healthiest when it is not processed.

One of the best natural salts available in the market today is pink Himalayan salt.

It is absolutely natural, pure salt that spent thousands of years maturing under the tectonic plate of the Himalayan Mountains.

Pink Himalayan salt is minimally processed, hand-washed and hand-mined containing as much as 84 trace minerals from ancient seas.

Luckily, you can find this wonder salt in most health food stores and supermarkets all over the world. Even though it’s pricier than regular refined table salt, it’s definitely worth the price.

However, this salt alone might not be powerful enough to cut down your blood pressure. A much easier and faster way to slash your blood pressure are simple blood pressure exercises, proven to help lower your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today…