Mighty Vegetable Lowers Blood Pressure 11 points – ProofAccording to a new research study conducted by scientists of Queen Mary, University of London, there are certain types of vegetables that contain a natural chemical that slashes your blood pressure 11 points.

This is particularly good news to those who just can’t seem to get these levels under control. Why swallow handfuls of pills to lower your blood pressure when you can simply sit down to a good salad (including this specific type of vegetable) and achieve the same or even better results?

The study linking these vegetables to a decrease in blood pressure involved 15 people that were divided into 8 women and 7 men; all of whom suffered from systolic high blood pressure ranging from 140 to 159mm Hg. Participants were not suffering from complications as a result of their condition, nor were they on blood pressure medications.

After drinking a glass of nitrate-containing water or beetroot juice, the participant’s blood pressure was taken, and the results were astounding – a whopping 11.2 mmHg decrease on average. The biggest drop in blood pressure was measured after 3- 6 hours, but it was still significantly lower than the baseline after 24 hours.

Since the overall point of the study was to determine whether optimal choices in diet and lifestyle could indeed affect blood pressure levels, the hypothesis was correct since the answer was an emphatic and resounding “yes!”

The amount of nitrate used in the study was equal to consuming either two beets or a bowl of lettuce. This shows that just ONE meal high in nitrate is enough to lower your blood pressure throughout the day.

The research study was funded by the British Heart Foundation, and can be found in “Hypertension,” the journal of the American Heart Association.

Remember, when it comes to high nitrate foods, you aren’t limited to beetroot; you can also add carrots, fennel, lettuce, radishes, cabbage, spinach or green beans to your meals for the same results. It seems that variety is not only the spice of life; it might actually prolong it!

But you may not be into juicing on a daily basis. And the results are not permanent unless you do.

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