Arthritis Reversed With This Strange, Unappetizing FoodRecently, researchers from Missouri and Colorado published a study that proved amazing effectiveness of a certain food for arthritis.

Most people mindlessly throw away this common food as something gross.

But you should actually savor it, because it was found to be more effective than most of the most common arthritis drugs, without any side effects.

When is the last time you boiled an egg and the clear film that lines the eggshell stuck to the egg instead of to the shell?

This is called eggshell membrane and has now been proven extremely effective in fighting rheumatoid arthritis.

In the recent experiment, the scientists first produced rheumatoid arthritis in rats, after which they split them into two groups and gave them either an oral eggshell membrane supplement or the drug methotrexate.

The scientists found that the eggshell membrane-treated group had fewer markers of inflammation, less joint swelling, less cartilage damage, and slower bone resorption.

Earlier studies showed the effectiveness of eggshell membrane, too.

In 2009, researchers published two trials in the Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging on humans with connective tissue and joint disorders. After 30 days, the participants who used eggshell membrane supplements reported an improvement in flexibility and a reduction in pain.

So, you may want to put this on the list of supplements worth trying for your arthritis. Researchers suggest you should consume at least 500 milligrams of it per day.

But eggshell membrane is not enough to cure arthritis. For that, you need to follow the step-by-step strategy found here…