Common Juice Lowers Blood Pressure 6 Points and Boosts Brian HealthIn a study conducted by Northumbria University in the UK and appeared in a 2016 edition of the British Journal of Nutrition, they gave 27 middle-aged volunteers either a 60 ml dose of a special juice concentrate or a different kind.

Then they watched in amazement how the blood pressure of those drinking this specific juice dropped almost instantly.

Even more importantly, the research indicated that this common juice could improve or even cure dementia.

The best new is that you can find this juice in most supermarkets and all health food stores.

Montmorency tart cherry juice, has become extremely popular with the natural health crowd. In fact, these days it is even available at Walmart and Amazon.

The researchers tested the hemoglobin concentrations in their subject’s brains, which is a reliable indicator of blood flow to the brain, at different intervals following consumption.

In addition, they tested their subject’s actual brain functions.

They found a definite increase in the blood flow to their brains cerebral cortices, suggesting it might be a solution to dementia that results from an age-related decline in blood flow to the brain.

While they did not find an immediate improvement in cognitive function, they speculated that cognitive benefits would accrue over time with long-term use of the beverage.

In addition, in the first three hours after the drink, the participants experienced a drop in systolic blood pressure of up to 6 mmHg.

This is enough to get many people off dangerous blood pressure medications for good!

This cherry juice contains flavonoids like anthocyanin, quercetin, and catechin, which again shows that flavonoids have major health benefits that researchers are only now starting to understand.

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