Surprising Way to Cure High Blood Pressure

Money and High Blood PressureWhen we talk about natural, drug-free ways to cure high blood pressure, we generally talk about diet or exercise changes. It’s something we have to deny ourselves of or push ourselves to do.

However, there is one change that people should consider that isn’t diet or work out related at all, but is still 100% natural. And it includes having something most of us like.

The European Journal of Public Health recently reported on a study that looked at over 5,000 people and spanned 6 years.

The study looked at health markers and compared them to socioeconomic indicators as well.

What they found was that people who were the lowest earners, living paycheck to paycheck, had a much higher incidence of high blood pressure when co-morbidities and other variables were accounted for.

It stands to reason that chronically stressing out over money would cause a person’s blood pressure to skyrocket, but in this and similar studies, researchers find that people who earn higher salaries also have better health care and are more likely to make healthy living decisions, anyway.

The true message of this study is that eliminating stress is the number 1 factor in lowering blood pressure. And that we can do no matter what our situation is.

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  1. Interesting article – and we need to understand more on where Stress enters into each of our lives – for example, an Internist told me ears ago – that WORRY is a BIG CULPRIT – Have to let go of that which we can not control!

  2. u kno sumtimes u guys jest disappoint me beyond no end. c'mon now, that stuff re bld press is so obvious any moron wuld/culd kno that. if u guys want to keep peoples interest & keep cumin bk to ur site ur gonna hav to do bettr than that. i'm jest a tad shy of cuttin u guys out w/ur immature/uninformd info as a smoke screen to jest sellin stuff.

  3. Dianne Watson DeNardo

    Check in box

  4. I pick up my guitar, pick and sing a few tunes, BP always better.. Try It.

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