Stress and High Blood PressureDid you know that one of the most common health conditions of the 21st century is high blood pressure?

The solution from conventional medicine to tackle this problem is a handful of pills with, at times, frightening and dangerous side effects.

A study conducted by Kent University, however, reveals that one simple technique lowers high blood pressure as affectively as medicine, only without dangerous side effects.

This powerful technique works by targeting the main cause of high blood pressure –stress. But it works even if the high blood pressure is considered genetic or caused by poor diet.

Researchers conducted a study involving 26 participants from Ohio.

Half of them received Mindfulness-body stress reduction sessions for a period of 8 weeks for two and a half hours a week. The rest of the study participants received progressive muscle relaxation therapy.

Mindfulness-body stress reduction or MBSR involves gentle yoga, body awareness exercises and meditation.

The study results revealed that study participants who underwent MBSR therapy had significantly lower blood pressure compared to those who were given muscle relaxation therapy.

Researchers conclude that focusing the attention on lowering stress gives very effective and promising results in lowering blood pressure.

Hopefully this therapy will be integrated and used as an alternative treatment to tackle blood pressure without any side effects.

The MBRS technique has also been shown to be extremely effective in treating depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress.

This is yet another study proving that mind/body exercises are the most effective method to lower blood pressure without side effects.

The only problem is that in this and most other studies, researchers use general stress reduction or mind/body exercises.

There are, however, exercises that are specifically designed to lower blood pressure. These exercises are much more effective than traditional exercises. In fact, most people who use these specific blood pressure exercises drop their blood pressure below 120/80 in a week or less. Sometimes even the very first day.

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